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SunRay-Users mailing list:

The [SunRay-Users] mailing list covers: Sun Ray Server Software and the Sun Ray Virtual Display Clients.


SunRay-Users mailing list rules

This is a summary of the SunRay-Users charter and rules. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in severe chastisement by the list maintainers and other list participants.

1. Official language for posting to this list is English.

2. This list is NOT moderated! Every message that is sent to the list will be passed on to every member of the list.

3. Requests to have addresses added or removed from the list should NOT be sent to the entire list. Instead, addresses should be added or removed via the web page at
Similarly, test messages of any sort should not be sent to the list.

4. This list is intended to be a quick-turnaround trouble shooting aid for those who use, administer and manage Sun Ray systems. Its primary purpose is to provide the Sun Ray users a quick source of information for usage and system management problems.

5. All responses are to be mailed back to the list. If however a member of the list chooses to send a reply back to the person who originally asked the question, the latter can summarize the answers and send the entire summary back to the list. When a summary is sent back to the list, the word "SUMMARY" should be the first word of the "Subject" line.

6. Messages not specifically related to the Sun Ray system usage/management and to the Solaris Operating Environment, then it does NOT belong on this list. Requests for vendor recommendations are tolerated, provided that the hardware in question is something that system managers normally purchase.

7. Commercial Advertising of any sort on the list is strictly prohibited.

8. DO NOT send HTML e-mails to the list - instead send plain text messages.

9. Postings about employment, either employment sought or offered, are not permitted on this list. Please use a more appropriate forum, e.g. one of the newsgroups in the USENET hierarchy.

10. Requests for software (free or otherwise) should be limited to software that is directly related to Sun SYSTEM MANAGEMENT, SUN RAY SERVER SOFTWARE AND THE SOLARIS OPERATING ENVIRONMENT ONLY.

11. Read the appropriate manuals BEFORE posting, including the "Read This First" documents. Oftentimes the manuals contain answers for common problems.

12. SunRay-Users is not to be used to collect email addresses of people who manage Sun systems and work with the Solaris Operating Environment. Those who do this not only violate the list's policy, but risk seriously offending the very people they are attempting to reach.

13. Think before you send a message! Ask yourself "is this really appropriate?" There are enough other newsgroups and mailing lists around to cover the marginal topics. Perhaps there is another forum that is more appropriate? Additionally check for other Sun specific newsgroups. Perhaps your message would be more appropriate there?

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in severe chastisement by the list participants. Not only will you succeed in looking like a careless fool, and in making Sun Systems Users all over the world annoyed at your incompetence, you may end up damaging your professional reputation.


How To Ask Questions The Smart Way (by Eric Steven Raymond and Rick Moen)




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