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Oracle® Database Reference
11g Release 1 (11.1)

Part Number B28320-01
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DBA_LOGSTDBY_UNSUPPORTED displays the schemas, tables, and columns in those tables that contain unsupported datatypes. Use this view when you are preparing to create a logical standby database. This view is for logical standby databases only.

Column Datatype NULL Description
OWNER VARCHAR2(30)   Owner of the unsupported table
TABLE_NAME VARCHAR2(30)   Name of the unsupported table
COLUMN_NAME VARCHAR2(30)   Name of the unsupported column
ATTRIBUTES VARCHAR2(39)   Displays the reason why the table is not supported by SQL Apply. If the structure of the table is unsupported (not just the datatype of some columns), then this view displays all columns in the table, with one of the following values displayed for each column in the table:
  • IOT with Overflow

  • IOT with LOB

  • Mapping table for physical rowid of IOT

  • IOT with row movement

  • Table Compression

  • Object Table

  • AQ queue table

  • Unsupported Virtual Column

  • Encrypted Column

If the structure of the table is supported but certain columns in the table have unsupported datatypes, the ATTRIBUTE column will be NULL.

DATA_TYPE VARCHAR2(32)   Datatype of the unsupported column