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Oracle® Database Reference
11g Release 1 (11.1)

Part Number B28320-01
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V$SQLFN_METADATA contains metadata about operators and built-in functions. Note that this view does not contain information about arguments because the number of arguments will be different for various functions. Information about arguments is contained in V$SQLFN_ARG_METADATA, which can be joined with V$SQLFN_METADATA to get information about any function and its arguments.

Column Datatype Description
FUNC_ID NUMBER Internal function identification number
NAME VARCHAR2(30) Name of the built-in function
MINARGS NUMBER Minimum number of arguments for the function
MAXARGS NUMBER Maximum number of arguments for the function
DATATYPE VARCHAR2(8) Return datatype, which can take any Oracle datatype values, datatype family values, or ARG[n] datatypes
VERSION VARCHAR2(12) Minimum version of the database that has this function
ANALYTIC VARCHAR2(3) Indicates whether the function is an analytic function(YES) or not (NO)
AGGREGATE VARCHAR2(3) Indicates whether the function is an aggregate function(YES) or not (NO)
DISP_TYPE VARCHAR2(13) Function display type:



  • REL-OP



USAGE VARCHAR2(30) A text explanation of how to use this function. The text is based on the syntax diagram for the function in the Oracle Database SQL Language Reference.
DESCR VARCHAR2(30) Description of the function