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Oracle® Database Reference
11g Release 1 (11.1)

Part Number B28320-01
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V$SERVICEMETRIC displays metric values measured on the most recent time interval period for services executing inside the database. Service metrics are measured in 5-second and 1-minute intervals.

Column Datatype Description
BEGIN_TIME DATE Begin timestamp for the interval period
END_TIME DATE End timestamp for the interval period
INTSIZE_CSEC NUMBER Interval size (in hundredths of a second)
GROUP_ID NUMBER Group ID for the service metric group
SERVICE_NAME VARCHAR2(64) Service name
CTMHASH NUMBER Service create timestamp hash value
ELAPSEDPERCALL NUMBER Elapsed time per call (in microseconds). This column is deprecated in favor of the DBTIMEPERCALL column.
CPUPERCALL NUMBER CPU time per call (in microseconds)
DBTIMEPERCALL NUMBER Elapsed time per call (in microseconds)
CALLSPERSEC NUMBER Number of user calls per second
DBTIMEPERSEC NUMBER Database time per second
GOODNESS NUMBER Indicates how attractive a given instance is with respect to processing the workload that is presented to the service. A lower number is better. This number is internally computed based on the GOAL (LONG or SHORT) that is specified for the particular service.
DELTA NUMBER Indicates the predicted increase in the goodness for every additional session that is routed to this instance
FLAGS NUMBER Flags that can be any of the following values:
  • 0x01 - Service is BLOCKED from accepting new connections

  • 0x02 - Service is VIOLATING the set threshold on some metric

  • 0x04 - Goodness is UNKNOWN