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Oracle® Database Reference
11g Release 1 (11.1)

Part Number B28320-01
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V$ROWCACHE displays statistics for data dictionary activity. Each row contains statistics for one data dictionary cache.

Column Datatype Description
CACHE# NUMBER Row cache ID number
TYPE VARCHAR2(11) Parent or subordinate row cache type
SUBORDINATE# NUMBER Subordinate set number
PARAMETER VARCHAR2(32) Name of the initialization parameter that determines the number of entries in the data dictionary cache
COUNT NUMBER Total number of entries in the cache
USAGE NUMBER Number of cache entries that contain valid data
FIXED NUMBER Number of fixed entries in the cache
GETS NUMBER Total number of requests for information on the data object
GETMISSES NUMBER Number of data requests resulting in cache misses
SCANS NUMBER Number of scan requests
SCANMISSES NUMBER Number of times a scan failed to find the data in the cache
SCANCOMPLETES NUMBER For a list of subordinate entries, the number of times the list was scanned completely
MODIFICATIONS NUMBER Number of inserts, updates, and deletions
FLUSHES NUMBER Number of times flushed to disk
DLM_REQUESTS NUMBER Number of DLM requests
DLM_CONFLICTS NUMBER Number of DLM conflicts
DLM_RELEASES NUMBER Number of DLM releases