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Oracle® Database Reference
11g Release 1 (11.1)

Part Number B28320-01
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V$RECOVERY_STATUS contains statistics of the current recovery process. This view contains useful information only for the Oracle process doing the recovery. When Recovery Manager directs a server process to perform recovery, only Recovery Manager is able to view the relevant information in this view. V$RECOVERY_STATUS will be empty to all other Oracle users.

Column Datatype Description
RECOVERY_CHECKPOINT DATE Point in time to which the recovery has occurred. If no logs have been applied, this is the point in time the recovery starts.
THREAD NUMBER Number of the redo thread currently being processed
SEQUENCE_NEEDED NUMBER Log sequence number of the log needed by the recovery process. The value is 0 if no log is needed.
SCN_NEEDED VARCHAR2(16) Low SCN of the log needed by recovery. The value is 0 if unknown or no log is needed.
TIME_NEEDED DATE Time when the log was created. The value is midnight on 1/1/88 if the time is unknown or if no log is needed.
PREVIOUS_LOG_NAME VARCHAR2(513) Filename of the log
PREVIOUS_LOG_STATUS VARCHAR2(13) Status of the previous log. Contains one of the following values: RELEASE; WRONG NAME; MISSING NAME; UNNEEDED NAME; NONE
REASON VARCHAR2(13) Reason recovery is returning control to the user (NEED LOG|LOG REUSED|THREAD DISABLED)