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Oracle® Database Reference
11g Release 1 (11.1)

Part Number B28320-01
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V$MANAGED_STANDBY displays current status information for some Oracle Database processes related to physical standby databases in the Data Guard environment. This view does not persist after an instance shutdown.

Column Datatype Description
PROCESS VARCHAR2(9) Type of the process whose information is being reported:
  • RFS - Remote file server

  • MRP0 - Detached recovery server process

  • MR(fg) - Foreground recovery session

  • ARCH - Archiver process

  • FGRD

  • LGWR

  • RFS(FAL)


  • LNS - Network server process

PID NUMBER Operating system process identifier of the process
STATUS VARCHAR2(12) Current process status:
  • UNUSED - No active process

  • ALLOCATED - Process is active but not currently connected to a primary database

  • CONNECTED - Network connection established to a primary database

  • ATTACHED - Process is actively attached and communicating to a primary database

  • IDLE - Process is not performing any activities

  • ERROR - Process has failed

  • OPENING - Process is opening the archived redo log

  • CLOSING - Process has completed archival and is closing the archived redo log

  • WRITING - Process is actively writing redo data to the archived redo log

  • RECEIVING - Process is receiving network communication

  • ANNOUNCING - Process is announcing the existence of a potential dependent archived redo log

  • REGISTERING - Process is registering the existence of a completed dependent archived redo log

  • WAIT_FOR_LOG - Process is waiting for the archived redo log to be completed

  • WAIT_FOR_GAP - Process is waiting for the archive gap to be resolved

  • APPLYING_LOG - Process is actively applying the archived redo log to the standby database

CLIENT_PROCESS VARCHAR2(8) Identifies the corresponding primary database process:
  • Archival - Foreground (manual) archival process (SQL)

  • ARCH - Background ARCn process

  • LGWR - Background LGWR process

CLIENT_PID VARCHAR2(40) Operating system process identifier of the client process
CLIENT_DBID VARCHAR2(40) Database identifier of the primary database
GROUP# VARCHAR2(40) Standby redo log group
RESETLOG_ID NUMBER Resetlogs identifier of the archived redo log
THREAD# NUMBER Archived redo log thread number
SEQUENCE# NUMBER Archived redo log sequence number
BLOCK# NUMBER Last processed archived redo log block number
BLOCKS NUMBER Size of the archived redo log in 512-byte blocks
DELAY_MINS NUMBER Archived redo log delay interval in minutes
KNOWN_AGENTS NUMBER Total number of standby database agents processing an archived redo log
ACTIVE_AGENTS NUMBER Number of standby database agents actively processing an archived redo log