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Oracle® Database Reference
11g Release 1 (11.1)

Part Number B28320-01
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V$BACKUP_COPY_DETAILS contains information about all available control file and datafile copies.

Column Datatype Description
SESSION_KEY NUMBER Session identifier
COPY_KEY NUMBER Unique identifier for this datafile or control file copy
FILE# NUMBER Absolute datafile number
NAME VARCHAR2(513) File name of the datafile copy. The maximum length of the name is dependent on your operating system.
TAG VARCHAR2(32) Datafile copy tag
CREATION_CHANGE# NUMBER Datafile creation change number
CREATION_TIME DATE Datafile creation timestamp
CHECKPOINT_CHANGE# NUMBER Checkpoint change number of the datafile when the copy was made
CHECKPOINT_TIME DATE Checkpoint timestamp of the datafile when the copy was made
MARKED_CORRUPT NUMBER Number of blocks marked corrupt by this copy operation. That is, blocks that were not marked corrupted in the source datafile, but were detected and marked as corrupted during the copy operation.
OUTPUT_BYTES NUMBER Total output bytes written
COMPLETION_TIME DATE Time when the copy was completed
CONTROLFILE_TYPE VARCHAR2(1) Type of control file. B indicates normal copies. S indicates standby copies.
KEEP VARCHAR2(3) (YES|NO) Indicates whether or not this backup set has a retention policy that is different than the value for the configure retention policy
KEEP_UNTIL DATE IF specified, this is the date after which the backup becomes obsolete. If this column is null, then the backup never expires.
KEEP_OPTIONS VARCHAR2(10) Lists additional retention options for this backup set. Possible values are:
  • LOGS - The logs needed to recover this backup set are kept

  • NOLOGS - The logs needed to recover this backup set are not kept

IS_RECOVERY_DEST_FILE VARCHAR2(3) Indicates whether or not the file was created in the flash recovery area (YES) or not (NO)
OUTPUT_BYTES_DISPLAY VARCHAR2(4000) Size of backup set to display