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Oracle® Database Administrator's Guide
11g Release 1 (11.1)

Part Number B28310-01
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Process and Session Data Dictionary Views

The following are the data dictionary views that can help you manage processes and sessions.

View Description
V$PROCESS Contains information about the currently active processes
V$SESSION Lists session information for each current session
V$SESS_IO Contains I/O statistics for each user session
V$SESSION_LONGOPS Displays the status of various operations that run for longer than 6 seconds (in absolute time). These operations currently include many backup and recovery functions, statistics gathering, and query execution. More operations are added for every Oracle Database release.
V$SESSION_WAIT Displays the current or last wait for each session
V$SESSION_WAIT_HISTORY Lists the last ten wait events for each active session
V$WAIT_CHAINS Displays information about blocked sessions
V$SYSSTAT Contains session statistics
V$RESOURCE_LIMIT Provides information about current and maximum global resource utilization for some system resources
V$SQLAREA Contains statistics about shared SQL areas. Contains one row for each SQL string. Provides statistics about SQL statements that are in memory, parsed, and ready for execution