This is a screenshot of the Tablespaces page. At the top right of the page is an Object Type list that enables you to switch between the Tablespace page and other Storage pages (such as control files and datafiles). Below this list, at the left-hand side of the page, is a Search area. You can enter text into a search field and then click a Go button.

Below the Search area is a table of tablespaces in the database. The table columns are as follows: Select, Name, Allocated, Size(MB), Space Used(MB), Allocated Space Used(%), Allocated Free Space(MB), Status, Datafiles , Type, Extent Management, and Segment Management. The Allocated Space Used(%) column shows a horizontal bar graph of space used relative to total tablespace size. The following is information about some of the other table columns:

Just above the table are three buttons, used in conjunction with the Select column: Edit, View, and Delete. To the right of the buttons is an Actions list with a Go button. The selection currently shown in the Actions list is Add Datafile. Above the buttons and Actions list, still associated with the table of tablespaces. are the following:

Below the table of tablespaces are read only text fields that show Total Allocated Size (MB), Total Used (MB) , and Total Allocated Free Space (MB) for all tablespaces.