This screenshot shows the Create Table page. At the top right-hand corner of the page are three buttons, ordered from left to right: Show SQL, Cancel, and OK. Beneath the buttons, a row of links goes horizontally across the page. Each is the title of a subpage, where each subpage contains different administrative functions. The subpage titles are: General, Constraints, Storage, Options, and Partitions. The General subpage is currently displayed.

Beneath the row of links are three fields ordered from top to bottom: Name (currently showing as PURCHASE_ORDERS), Schema (currently showing as NICK), and Tablespace (currently showing as <Default>). To the right of the Tablespace field is the Estimate Table size button. Below the Tablespace field is the label "Organization" which has the description as Standard (Heap Organized). To the right-hand corner is the "Define Using" list (currently showing as Column Specification).

The Columns section contains the following:

Below the buttons is a Columns table. The table contains the following columns, ordered from left to right: Select, Name, Data Type, Size, Scale, Not NULL, Default Value, and Encrypted.There are five rows displayed. To the left-hand corner of the table is a Add 5 Table Columns button.

Below the table is a legend. A key image signifies a primary key column, a checkmark image signifies a unique key column, and a padlock image signifies a SecureFile LOB column.

End of description.