This screenshot shows the Tables page. To the top right corner of the page is the Recycle Bin button. Below the Recycle Bin button is the Object Type list (currently showing Table as the Object Type). The Search section contains two fields, ordered from top to bottom: Schema (currently showing as HR) and Object Name. Beneath the Object Name field is a Go button. Below the Go button, there are some instructions. Below the instructions is a list for Selection Mode (currently showing as Single). To the right-hand corner of the Selection Mode is a Create button. Below the Selection Mode list, the following buttons are arranged horizontally from left to right: Edit, View, and Delete with Options. To the right of the Delete with Options button is a Actions list (currently showing as Create Like). To the right of the Actions list is a Go button. Below the buttons is a search results table. The table contains the following columns, ordered from left to right: Select, Schema, Table Name, Tablespace, Partitioned, Rows, and Last Analyzed. There are seven rows displayed. To the right hand corner of the table is the Recycle Bin button.