This screenshot displays the Create Index page. At the top right-hand corner of the page are four buttons, ordered from left to right: Show SQL, Schedule Job, Cancel, and OK. Beneath the buttons, a row of links goes horizontally across the page. Each is the title of a subpage, where each subpage contains different administrative functions. The subpage titles are: General, Storage, Options, Partitions, and Statistics. The General subpage is currently displayed. Beneath the row of links are three fields ordered from top to bottom: Name, Schema (currently showing as SH), and Tablespace (currently showing as <Default>). To the right of the Tablespace field is a Estimate Index size button. Below the Tablespace is "Index Type" label, followed to the right by two options: Standard - B-tree and Bitmap. Below the label is the Indexed Table Object section.

The Indexed Table Object section contains the following, ordered from top to bottom: