This is a screenshot of the Automated Maintenance Task Configuration page. At the top of the page, in a section entitled Task Settings, is a series of options, arranged from top to bottom, that enable you to enable or disable automated maintenance tasks altogether, and to enable and disable each type of task: Optimizer Statistics Gathering, Segment Advisor, and Automatic SQL Tuning. Below this section is the Maintenance Window Group Assignment section. It contains a table with four columns: Window (which contains the names of all current maintenance windows), and three more columns labeled with the three task types. There are 7 rows, one for each existing maintenance window, which are named MONDAY_WINDOW, TUESDAY_WINDOW, and so on. In the last 3 columns for the task types, in row has a check box, indicating whether that task is enabled for that maintenance window.

Above the table to the right is an Edit Window Group button. Below the table to the right are three buttons: Show SQL, Revert, and Apply.