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Oracle® Database 2 Day DBA
11g Release 1 (11.1)

Part Number B28301-01
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Introduction to Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control

The Web-based Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control (Database Control) is the primary tool for managing your Oracle database. It is installed with the database.

The following topics introduce you to Database Control:

Database Management Features

Using Database Control, you can perform administrative tasks such as creating schema objects (tables, views, indexes, and so on), managing user security, managing database memory and storage, backing up and recovering your database, and importing and exporting data. You can also view performance and status information about your database.

Database Home Page

The main Database Control page for database administration is called the Database Home page. This is the page that loads when you log in to Database Control.

See "Accessing the Database Home Page" for more information.

Online Help

You can access context-sensitive online Help by clicking the Help link displayed at the top of every page. On any Help page, click Contents for links to all Help topics. A search facility enables you to search the contents of Help.

Navigational Features

Navigational features of the Database Home page include the following: