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Oracle® Database Error Messages
11g Release 1 (11.1)

Part Number B28278-01
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42 LCD-00100 to LCD-00219

LCD-00100: internal error, argument [number]
Cause: An internal error has occurred
Action: Report it to your System Administrator immediately
LCD-00111: value not in legal range [string]
Cause: The value of the parameter is outside bounds
Action: Refer to the manual for the bounds on the parameter
LCD-00112: illegal integer radix specification [string]
Cause: Self Explanatory
Action: valid characters are 'd', 'h', 'D' and 'H'
LCD-00113: integer conversion error or negative integer [string]
Cause: A bad or negative integer was assigned to an integer parameter
Action: Self explanatory
LCD-00114: illegal boolean response [string]
Cause: You a value than TRUE or FALSE to a boolean parameter
Action: Boolean parameters only take TRUE or FALSE
LCD-00122: unrecognized keyword [string]
Cause: You have misspelled the parameter name
Action: Spell the parameter name correctly
LCD-00128: invalid positional parameter value [string]
Cause: An invalid positional parameter value has been entered
Action: Remove the invalid positional parameter
LCD-00161: ORACLE error (possible syntax error) parameter [string]
Cause: Possible syntax error. Additional messages follow.
Action: Correct the parameter in error.
LCD-00201: could not open specified filename [string]
Cause: The file specified does not exist
Action: Create an appropriate parameter file
LCD-00203: missing keyword [string]
Cause: A keyword is expected but none was found
Action: Add a keyword followed by an '=' sign and a parameter value
LCD-00204: left parenth and no parameter specified [string]
Cause: A parameter list was started but no parameter was specified
Action: Add an appropriate list of values and close the parameter list
LCD-00205: unbalanced parentheses [string]
Cause: Self explanatory
Action: Balance the parentheses
LCD-00206: positional parameter entered after keyword [string]
Cause: An '=' sign is missing
Action: All keywords must be followed by '=' signs
LCD-00207: nested parentheses encountered [string]
Cause: Only one set of parentheses is permitted
Action: Remove the nested parentheses
LCD-00208: unexpected keyword in value list [string]
Cause: A keyword was found instead of a value
Action: Insert an appropriate value for the given parameter
LCD-00209: missing value for keyword at end of string [string]
Cause: A keyword is specified with no value
Action: Specify a valid value for the keyword
LCD-00210: illegal assignment operator [string]
Cause: You used a sign other than '=' to assign a keyword a value
Action: Use only the '=' sign
LCD-00211: unexpected delimiter [string]
Cause: An invalid delimiter was found between values
Action: A comma or a space is a valid delimiter
LCD-00212: runaway quoted string [string]
Cause: The parameter value was quoted on the left side but not on the right
Action: Quote the parameter value on both sides
LCD-00215: parameter files nested too deep [string]
Cause: Too many levels of indirection of file parameters. Maximum is 3.
Action: Reduce the level of indirection to less than 3
LCD-00217: failure while processing file parameter [string]
Cause: An error occurred while processing the specified file parameter
Action: Specific details will appear in other messges
LCD-00218: error in file [string]
Cause: An error occurred in the particular file.
Action: Refer to the other messages for the specific error.
LCD-00219: nested include file [string] is too large
Cause: There is a limit on the size of a parameter file, and it was exceeded. This limit is now 8192 bytes.
Action: Remove characters from the file to make it smaller, or use another level of nesting.