Overall Task Statistics section is shown.The following name-value pairs appear: Executions is 2, Candidate SQL is 55, Distinct SQL Examined is 46.SQL Examined Status shows a pie chart. 70% is SQL Examined Without Findings (32). 30% is SQL Examined with Findings. 0% is SQLSkipped Due to Errors.The Breakdown by Finding Type chart is shown. There are four bars, part blue (Not Implemented) and part green (Implemented). The y-axis is Number of SQL and ranges from 0 to 10. SQL Profile is 7 blue and up to 8 green. Index is 1 blue. Statistics is 8 blue. Restructure SQL is 2 blue.The Profile Effect Statistics section is shown. The title of the chart is Tuned SQL DB Time Benefit (seconds per week). Implemented (sec) is 7318. Potential (sec) is 4.The y-axis is DB Time (s) and ranges from 0 to 9000. The x-axis is Implemented Recommended. The legend is navy blue as Before and light blue as After. Before is at 7500 whereas After is just above 0.

End of description.