The screenshot shows a portion of the Schedule Implementation page. At the top is a text entry field labeled Job Name (preceded by an asterisk). The value in the text entry field is SQLACCESSIMPL662656. Below the Job Name is the Stop on Error option, which is selected. This option has the following descriptive text: "If checked, this implementation job will stop processing if an error occurs. If not checked, this job will ignore errors and will continue processing all actions of selected recommendations."

The Scheduling Options section appears next in the screenshot. Under the section heading is the Schedule Type action list, which has the value Standard selected. Below this is the Time Zone action list, which has the value PST8PDT selected. To the right of the Time Zone action list is a Search icon (a flashlight symbol). Below the Time Zone action list if the Repeating section. In the Repeating section there is a single action list, Repeat, which has the value Do Not Repeat selected.

Next the Start section is shown. This section has two options, Immediately (selected) and Later. Following the Later option there is a Date text entry field, which has the value Mar 29, 2007. This text entry field has a Calendar icon to its right. Below the Date field are 3 action lists for selecting the time. The first action list has the value 12, the second action list has the value 05, and the third action list has the value 00. To the right of these Time action lists are 2 options: AM, and PM (selected).

End of description.