The SQL Access Advisor: Schedule page is shown.The following name-value pairs are shown: Database is database, Logged In As is DBA1.To the right of the name-value pairs are the Cancel, Back, and Next button.The Advisor Task Information section is shown.The Task Name field is SQLACCESS9084523.The Task Description field is SQL Access Advisor.The Journaling Level list shows Basic selected.The Task Expiration (days) field shows 30.The Total Time Limit (minutes) field shows 10.The Scheduling Options section is shown.The Schedule Type list shows Standard.The Time Zone field shows PST8PDT.The Repeating section includes the Repeat list. Do Not Repeat is selected.The Start section shows Immediately (selected) and Later. The Date field shows Mar 26, 2007. The Time is 6:50:00 p.m.

End of description.