The screenshot shows a portion of the Materialized Views page. At the top is the Search section, which contains the descriptive text: "Enter a schema name and an object name to filter the data that is displayed in your results set." Below this text is a Schema text entry field that contains the value SH. To the right of this text entry field is a Search icon (a flashlight symbol). Below the Schema text entry field is the Object Name text entry field, which does not contain any value. Below the Object Name field is a button labeled Go. This button is followed by descriptive text: "Be default, the search returns all uppercase matches beginning with the string you entered. To run an exact or case-sensitive match, double quote the search string. You can use the wildcard symbol (%) in a double quoted string."

The results set table has an action list at the top on the left-hand side, labeled Selection Mode. This action list has the value Single selected. On top of the table on the right-hand side is the Create button. Below the action list and Create button is a row of buttons and another action list. These are, from left to right: Edit (button), View (button), Delete (button), Actions (Action list, with Create Like selected), Go (button).

The results set table has 10 columns and 3 rows. The column headings are, from left to right: Select (option button), Schema, Materialized View (Snapshot), Master Owner, Master Table, Master Link, Type, Updatable, Can Use Log, and Last Refresh. The row values, listed in row order from top to bottom and column order from left to right, are:

End of description.