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Oracle® Clusterware Administration and Deployment Guide
11g Release 1 (11.1)

Part Number B28255-01
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E Oracle Cluster Registry Configuration Tool Command Reference

This appendix describes the syntax of the Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) tool, OCRCONFIG.

You use the ocrconfig command to perform OCR Configuration Tool operations with administrative privileges on Linux or UNIX systems, or as a user with Administrator privileges on Windows systems. The ocrconfig command syntax is as follows where options is one of the verbs shown in the Option column of Table E-1:

ocrconfig -option

Table E-1 The ocrconfig Command Options

Option Purpose

-backuploc pathname

Specifies an OCR backup directory location. For this entry, specify a full path name that is accessible by all of the nodes.

Note: The default location for generating backups on Linux or UNIX systems is CRS_home/cdata/cluster_name where cluster_name is the name of your cluster. The Windows default location for generating backups uses the same path structure.


Downgrades an OCR to an earlier version.


Exports the contents of an OCR into a target file.


Displays help for the ocrconfig commands.


Imports the OCR contents from a previously exported OCR file.


Performs an OCR backup on demand. The ocrconfig command creates the backup in the location that you specify with the -backuploc option.


Updates an OCR configuration that is recorded on the OCR with the current OCR configuration information that is found on the node from which you are running this command.


Updates an OCR configuration on the node from which you are running this command with the new configuration information specified by this command.


Adds, replaces, or removes an OCR location.


Restores an OCR from an automatically created OCR backup file.

-showbackup [auto|manual]

Displays the backup location, timestamp, and the originating node name of the backup files that Oracle created. By default, the -showbackup option displays information for both automatic and manual backups.

You can optionally specify the auto or the manual flag to display information about only automatic backups or only manual backups, respectively:

  • auto—Displays information about automatic backups that Oracle created in the past 4 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours, and in the last day and week.

  • manual—Displays information about manual backups that you invoke using the -manualbackup option.

Note: You do not have to be the root user to issue the -showbackup option.


Upgrades an OCR to a later version.

For example, to export the OCR contents to a binary file, use the ocrconfig command with the following syntax where file_name is the file to which you want to export the OCR contents as follows:

ocrconfig -export file_name

OCR Log File Locations

The OCRCONFIG tool creates a log file in CRS_home/log/hostname/client. To change the amount of logging, edit the path in the CRS_home/srvm/admin/ocrlog.ini file.