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Oracle® Database JPublisher User's Guide
11g Release 1 (11.1)

Part Number B31226-01
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access option,
adddefaulttypemap option,
addtypemap option,
Advanced Queue see AQ
AQ (Advanced Queue)
Java output,
publishing, 1.3
ARRAY class, features supported, 5.4
AS clause, translation statement,
attribute types, allowed, 3.1.5


backward compatibility
compatibility modes, 4.3.1
related option, 6.1.13
BigDecimal mapping
corresponding Java types,
builtintypes option,


case option,
case-sensitive SQL UDT names,,
classes, extending, 5.6.1
classpath option,
code generation, Java
generation of Java interfaces, 5.5
generation of non-SQLJ classes, 5.4
generation of SQLJ classes, 5.3
generation of toString() method,
related options, 6.1.8
serializability of object wrappers,
subclasses for Java-to-Java transformations, 5.6.2
support for inheritance, 5.7
treatment of output parameters, 5.1
treatment of overloaded methods, 5.2
code generation, PL/SQL
names of wrapper and dropper scripts,
related options, 6.1.9
specifying generation of wrapper functions,
collection types
representing in Java,
command-line options see options
command-line syntax, 2.6.2
backward, for JPublisher, 4.3.1
Oracle8i compatibility mode,
Oracle9i compatibility mode,
compatible option,
compile option,
compiler, specifying version,
compiler-executable option,
connection contexts (SQLJ)
release() method, 5.3.1
use of connection contexts and instances, 5.3.4
context option,
conventions, notation, 6.1.3
conversion functions, PL/SQL
introduction, predefined conversion functions,
use for PL/SQL types, 3.2.3
use with wrapper functions, 3.2.5


d option,
data link (URI type) mapping, 4.3.2
data type mappings
allowed object attribute types, 3.1.5
BigDecimal mapping,
-builtintypes option,
-compatible option,
data links, URI types, 4.3.2
indexed-by table support (general), 3.2.4
JDBC mapping,
JPublisher logical progression for mappings, 3.1.4
-lobtypes option,
mapping categories, 2.4.2
-mapping option (deprecated),
mapping to alternative class (subclass), syntax,
-numbertypes option,
Object JDBC mapping,
OPAQUE type support,
Oracle mapping,
overview, 3.1.1
PL/SQL conversion functions, 3.2.3
RECORD type support, 3.2.4
REF CURSORs and result sets, 3.1.6
relevant options, 6.1.6
scalar indexed-by table support with JDBC OCI, 3.2.2
special support for PL/SQL types, 3.2
table of mappings, 3.1.2
-usertypes option,
XMLTYPE support,
default (connection) context (SQLJ),
default type map, 3.1.3
defaulttypemap option,
dir option,


endpoint option,
environment, options for Java classpath, compiler, JVM, 6.1.14
execution contexts (SQLJ),
extending JPublisher-generated classes
changes after Oracle8i JPublisher, 4.3.4
concepts, 5.6.1
format of subclass,
-gensubclass option,
introduction, 5.6


filtering output
according to parameter modes, 4.2.2,
according to parameter types, 4.2.2,
publishing a subset of stored procedures or functions, 4.2.1,
to adhere to JavaBeans specification, 4.2.3,
filtermodes option,
filtertypes option,


GENERATE clause, translation statement,
generatebean option,
generation see code generation
genpattern option,
gensubclass option,
getConnection() method, 5.3.4
getConnectionContext() method, 5.3.4


handles, handle mechanism for wrapping instance methods, 1.6
for passing output parameters, 5.1
-outarguments option for holder types,
using JAX-RPC holders, 5.1.2
httpproxy option,


i option (-input),
indexed-by table support
details, general indexed-by tables, 3.2.4
details, scalar indexed-by tables (JDBC OCI), 3.2.2
summary, general indexed-by tables, 3.1.2
summary, scalar indexed-by tables (JDBC OCI), 3.1.2
inheritance, support through ORAData, 5.7
INPUT files
-input option,
package naming rules,
precautions, 6.2.3
structure and syntax, 6.2.2
translation statement,
input files (general)
-input option (INPUT file),
overview, 2.5.1
properties files and INPUT files, 6.2
-props option (properties file),
input, JPublisher (overview), 2.5.1
input/output options, 6.1.10
interfaces, generation and use, 5.5
iterators (SQLJ),


Java environment, options for classpath, compiler, JVM, 6.1.14
java option,
JavaBeans spec, option for adherence, 4.2.3,,
Java-to-Java type mappings
code examples, A.1
-style option for style files,
styles and style files, 3.3
summary of mappings in Oracle style files, 3.3.3
use of JPublisher-generated subclass, 5.6.2
JAX-RPC holders, 5.1.2
JDBC mapping
corresponding Java types, 3.1.2,
JVM, specifying version,


limitations of JPublisher, 2.2.6
lobtypes option,


mapping option (deprecated),
mappings see data type mappings
method access option,
methods option,
methods, overloaded, translating, 5.2


native Java interface, 1.4
nested tables, output,
non-SQLJ classes,, 5.4
notational conventions, 6.1.3
numbertypes option,


Object JDBC mapping
corresponding Java types,
object types
classes generated for, 5.3.3
inheritance, 5.7.1
output, 2.5.2
publishing (introduction), 1.1
representing in Java,
omit_schema_names option,
OPAQUE type support
general support,
XMLTYPE support,
option syntax (command line), 2.6.2
-access option,
-adddefaulttypemap option,
-addtypemap option,
-builtintypes option,
-case option,
-classpath option,
code generation, 6.1.8
-compatible option,
-compile option,
-context option,
-d option,
-defaulttypemap option,
-dir option,
-endpoint option,
-filtermodes option,
-filtertypes option,
for backward compatibility, 6.1.13
for SQLJ functionality, 6.1.12
for type mappings, 6.1.6
for type maps, 6.1.7
general tips, 6.1.2
-generatebean option,
-genpattern option,
-gensubclass option,
-httpproxy option,
-i option (-input),
-input option,
input/output, 6.1.10
-java option,
-lobtypes option,
-mapping option (deprecated),
-methods option,
-numbertypes option,
-omit_schema_names option,
-outarguments option,
-p option (-props),
-package option,
-plsqlfile option,
-plsqlmap option,
-plsqlpackage option,
-props option (properties file),
-proxywsdl option,
-s option (-sql),
-serializable option,
-sql option,
-sqlj option,
-sqlstatement option,
-style option,
summary and overview, 6.1
-sysuser option,
to facilitate Web services call-outs, 6.1.11
-tostring option,
-typemap option,
-types option (deprecated),
-u option (-user),
-user option,
-usertypes option,
-vm option,
Oracle mapping
corresponding Java types, 3.1.2
Oracle8i compatibility mode,
Oracle9i compatibility mode,
ORAData interface
object types and inheritance, 5.7.1
reference types and inheritance, 5.7.2
use of,
outarguments option,
-compile option,
-d option,
-dir option,
filtering JPublisher output, 4.2
overview, what JPublisher produces, 2.5.2
output options, 6.1.10
output parameters, passing
holders, 5.1
overview, 5.1
using arrays, 5.1.1
using function returns, 5.1.3
using JAX-RPC holders, 5.1.2
overloaded methods, translating, 5.2


p option (-props),
packages, Java
naming rules in INPUT file,
-package option,
packages, PL/SQL
generated classes for, 5.3.2
option for package name,
publishing (introduction), 1.2
permissions to execute PL/SQL packages,
PL/SQL conversion functions see conversion functions, PL/SQL
PL/SQL data types, special support, 3.2
PL/SQL packages see packages, PL/SQL
PL/SQL subprograms, translating top level,
PL/SQL wrapper, 1.6
PL/SQL wrapper functions see wrapper functions, PL/SQL
plsqlfile option,
plsqlmap option,
plsqlpackage option,
properties files
overview, 2.5.1
structure and syntax, 6.2.1
props option (properties file),
proxies, for Web services call-outs from database, 4.1.2, 6.1.11
proxywsdl option,
AQ, 1.3
PL/SQL packages, 1.2
queue, 1.3.1
server-side Java classes, 1.4
SQL object types, 1.1
stream, 1.3.3
topic, 1.3.2


RECORD type support
details, 3.2.4
summary, 3.1.2
REF CURSOR mapping, 3.1.6
reference types
inheritance, 5.7.2
representing in Java,
release() method (connection contexts), 5.3.1
requirements for JPublisher
general requirements, 2.2.3
packages and JARs in database, 2.2.4
result set mapping, 3.1.6


s option (-sql),
sample code
generated code for SQL statement, A.2
Java-to-Java transformations, A.1
sample translation, 2.6.3
scalar PL/SQL indexed-by table, 3.2.2
schema names, -omit_schema_names option,
serializable option,
server-side Java classes, publishing, 1.4
setConnectionContext() method, 5.3.4
setContextFrom() method, 5.3.5
setFrom() method, 5.3.5
setValueFrom() method, 5.3.5
singletons, singleton mechanism for wrapping instance methods, 1.6
SQL name clause, translation statement,
sql option,
SQL queries or DML statements
generated code example, A.2
SQLData interface
object types and inheritance, 5.7.3
use of,
connection contexts,
connection contexts and instances, use of, 5.3.4
default (connection) context,
execution contexts,
generation of SQLJ classes, 5.3
JPublisher backward-compatibility modes and .sqlj files,
JPublisher -sqlj option to access SQLJ functionality, 6.1.12
migration options, 6.1.15
overview of SQLJ usage by JPublisher,
SQLJ classes, non-SQLJ classes,
sqlj option,
sqlstatement option,
strongly typed paradigm, 2.1
strongly-typed object references,
style option,
styles and style files
file formats, 3.3.2
overview, 3.3
specification and locations, 3.3.1
-style option,
subclasses, JPublisher-generated for Java-to-Java, 5.6.2
subclassing JPublisher-generated classes see extending
syntax, command line, 2.6.2
sysuser option,


table functions (for Web services)
setting to return Web service data in table,
TABLE types see indexed-by tables
toplevel keyword (-sql option),
tostring option,
transformations, Java-to-Java see Java-to-Java type mappings
TRANSLATE...AS clause, translation statement,
declare objects/packages to translate,
declare server-side classes to translate,
declare SQL statements to translate,
translation statement
in INPUT file,
sample statement,
type mappings see data type mappings
type maps
add to default type map,
add to user type map,
default type map, 3.1.3
option for default type map,
relevant options, 6.1.7
replace user type map,
user type map, 3.1.3
typemap option,
types option (deprecated),


u option (-user),
URI type mapping, 4.3.2
user option,
user type map, 3.1.3
usertypes option,


vm option,


Web services
options for call-outs from database, 6.1.11
overview of JPublisher support, 4.1
support for call-ins to database, 4.1.1
support for call-outs from database, 4.1.2
Web services call-out, 1.8
wrapper functions, PL/SQL
introduction, 3.2.3
option to specify generation,
use for PL/SQL types, 3.2.5
wrapper methods
-methods option,
to invoke stored procedures, 2.1
wrapper packages, PL/SQL see packages, PL/SQL
wrapper procedures, to invoke Java from PL/SQL,


XMLTYPE support,