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April 03, 2005

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Firmware revisions for Nokia 7110 (NSE-5)

V 05.01, release date: 08-12-00
V 05.00, release date: 09-11-00
V 04.94, release date: 27-09-00
V 04.88, release date: 02-06-00
V 04.84, release date: 07-04-00
V 04.80, release date: 23-02-00
V 04.77, release date: 25-01-00
V 04.76, release date: 13-01-00
V 04.75, release date: 07-01-00
V 04.74, release date: 06-12-99
V 04.73, release date: 15-11-99
V 04.72, release date: 10-11-99
V 04.70, release date: 28-10-99
V 04.691, release date: 05-10-99
V 04.672, release date: 28-09-99
V 04.622, release date: 24-08-99
V 04.612, release date: 23-08-99
V 04.582, release date: 14-07-99
V 04.512, release date: 18-06-99


1. First official (retail) version
Test versions (pre-release)


bug fixes and improvements in V 05.01

  • Optimal Operator name length changed from 10 to 11 characters
  • Enabling of inserting space in subject when writing e-mail via WAP in Australia
  • Improved dual SIM handling
  • New UI Text release
  • Operator list updated

known bugs still occurring in V 05.00

  • When editing names you are returned to the main screen straight away, instead of been put into the names-list.
  • Vcard sent from 7110 to 61x0 series phone over IrDA: German Umlauts incorrect (i.e. d - > =E4). Works with 61x0 to 7110, 61x0 to 61x0 and 7110 to 7110
  • Received Vcard's are stored in the internal Phone memory, even when the SIM Card memory is in use.
  • When entering text p in to the phonebook or WAP browser, and the same character needs top be repeated, an unnecessarily long pause is required. Even when this 2nd input is done using the Navi-roller.
  • SMS-alert "Ascending" does not ascend, it is loud from the beginning, just longer than standard.
  • Call waiting message is shown on the display, but the phone doesn't beep if the number is assigned to a caller group with a caller logo. If the caller group logo is turned off, it works correctly.
  • When the Phonebook is set to be viewed by "Name and Number", it's still shown "Name only" when sending an SMS.
  • Whilst writing an SMS any blank characters at the begin of a new line are not shown.
  • SMS folders are not sorted. They are listed in the order of creation.
  • The moving and deleting of SMS templates doesn't work. When moving, a copy is made.
  • The "Deleting" message is shown, even when an SMS is being moved!
  • When Alarm is on, and the phone is switched off it beeps at midnight After that, it can't be switched on for about 20 seconds.
  • Sending group-graphics via IrDA should be possible according to the manual, but the menu is missing (via SMS it's OK). Receiving via IrDA is also not possible - only via SMS. With 61x0 sending and receiving via IrDA works.
  • After sending DTMF-tones, you cant set the volume. You need have to clear the digits first, otherwise it acts as cursor movement, what is not useful in DTMF)"
  • When the Navi-roller is set to Quick Menu, on the Home and Bookmarks options, the right key options change from Exit to Back, but does not work
  • "Reminders" in the calendar have no alarms, not even a time.
  • Birthday entries sent from 61x0 to a 7110 via IrDA, the year is not imported. This works with 8210 to 7110, 7110 to 7110, 61x0 to 61x0, and 7110 to 61x0.
  • Leap year bug: with a birthday on say, 3/03/2000, with a reminder date before 28/02/2000. i.e. 15/02/2000. Once this is stored if it is edited the reminder date changes to one day earlier to 14/02/2000, and with every edit it changes by one day.
  • Vcard sent from 7110 to 61x0 with SMS is received as a normal SMS instead of a Vcard (mostly "not viewable") Combinations 61x0 to 7110, 61x0 to 61x0 and 7110 to 7110 worked OK in earlier versions.


bug fixes and improvements in V 5.00

  • Improvements to Data/Fax call functionality
  • Extended URL length Improved
  • Improved cache control (max age=0 functionality improved)
  • Weak encryption (40 bit) now displayed correctly
  • DTMF tones usable during emergency call
  • Vibrate settings adjusted (it doesn't enable/disable, when want)
  • Improvements to the phonebook search function (Pressing a key will cause the phonebook to jump to the first entry starting with that character and when the Delete function is used the phonebook doesn't return to the first name in the phonebook.
  • PIN code request change to PUK code request after emergency call' corrected
  • In two player games text for winners/losers has been added.
  • The games menu has a new setting which can enable/disable sounds (earlier you had to change it in settings of profiles)
  • During WAP browsing the wrapping of long words is enabled.
  • Improved SMS message storage. I believe it is: -
    • SMS messages - 112 in different folders
    • Templates - 10
    • Delivery reports - 68
    • Additional folders - 2
    • The phone deactivates the move function after 171 messages are stored.
    • Full size of memory is 190 (including 10 templates)
  • In Norwegian language phonebook searches with more than 1 character would give a "No match" error-reply - fixed.
  • While playing games when message is received, the alert is a beep and the light (if enabled) turns off after a few seconds. In this version the game is interrupted...
  • FLASH-memory configuration improved.
  • Various minor improvements in Data/Fax call functionality.
  • Print all phonebook removed.


bug fixes and improvements in V 04.94

  • Car kit Audio optimisation
  • Text files in language packages updated
  • IrDA data transmission improved
  • Operator list updated
  • Update of WAP browser:
    • "Go to the address" in menu facility added.
    • Handling of "No cache" and "Redirect" commands
    • Handling of WAP session after an incoming call
    • Handling of command
    • Handling of long URL's
    • Can send and receive bookmarks in WAP settings
    • Handling of HTTP post size limitation
    • Can render tables
    • Handling of deep navigating
  • Update of SIM handling SW, including SIM ATK corrections
  • Now max. 838 chars (earlier only 160) can be written into input-fields


bug fixes and improvements in V 04.88

  • User settings transfer improved (Permanent Memory Management update). All data saved apart from wake up graphics.


bug fixes and improvements in V 04.84

  • Improvements to the advice of the batteries charge level. Charging on prepaid SIM cards is now improved.
  • Manual Network Selection improvements.
  • Improvement of Operator Logo in display. The operator logo is now shown when the service provider is read from SIM.
  • Call waiting tone can now be heard in silent mode.
  • Longer vibrating time, when phone is in "Beep once" mode and Vibrate is on. The phone will now vibrate 250 times before stopping!!
  • Animation in Services menu is improved.
  • Improvement to warranty transfer of WAP settings
  • Car Radio Mute is now activated when continuing a handheld call in the cradle


bug fixes and improvements in V 04.80

  • Wake-up Graphic (startup Logo) is now maintained after 'Restore Factory Settings'
  • Changed ringing tones. Grande Valises renamed to Nokia tune
  • Phone alert for a future calendar note, which has been transferred during flashing, is now improved.
  • Improvement of birthday notes expires when having birthday notes in the past.
  • In previous release two birthday notes were shown if having note in the past and other note expires.
  • UA ringing tones are not playing continuously after being saved.
  • Tone loop with UA tones. UA tones are now being played in full length when it is being tested in profiles.
  • Indication of incoming FAX call improved. Profile dependent indications is now corrected. e.g. Beep in Meeting Profile.
  • Ringing Tone Check in Profile setting is now also only played twice as an example when the phone is 'charging' or another message is displayed.
  • Improvement of browsing after ending an incoming call.


bug fixes and improvements in V 04.77

  • "Clear operator logo" works now (from Operator Logo Uploader).
  • Settings are not cleared after power cycling.


bug fixes and improvements in V 04.76

  • Improvements to caller-group graphics
  • Improvement to Manual Network selection search
  • The Call Waiting functionality in the car kit is now improved concerning radio mute.
  • Dialed numbers removed in Roller menu.
  • The user is now able to insert a phone number into a SMS message by searching the phonebook for the number.
  • Improvement of Calendar using am/pm clock
  • Improvement of speed dial function when same name is assigned to speed dial twice


Last update: April 03, 2005
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