[SunRay-Users] Is it possible to avoid LCD stretching with SunRays?

Jim Klimov jimklimov at cos.ru
Sat Sep 17 14:30:46 EEST 2011

Hello all,

I am trying to get my Sun Ray 2 (non-FS) to work with a new LCD monitor.
It has a native resolution of 1920x1080, and in the SR2 specs I've seen
a claim that it can drive such resolution with a Sun 24" monitor, although
the device specs end at 1600x1200 or 1680x1050. (I think I saw some
articles suggesting it supports 1920x1080 over a digital connection,
but didn't find any texts like that yesterday).

I have successfully set both later resolutions, but the LCD panel is
stretching (or crumping) the image and the result is rather ugly.
The display has a mode to keep original aspect ratio, but the original
1680x1050 image is still a bit stretched to fit the 1080 height.

Is it possible to somehow use 1:1 pixels, i.e. have a 1680x1050 picture
in the middle of  larger display, or overdrive the SR2 video mode to
produce a 1680x1080 image (for example)?

Perhaps something can be faked with modeline settings to display
a 1050-height picture within an overdriven 1080-height canvas?

Currently the LCD is attached with analog cable; I'm going to get
a DVI-D one next week (I need to dual-attach the display to SR2
and to a laptop anyway). Should I hope/expect it to fix the problem? ;)

Finally, the server I'm attached to is rather old: a SPARC version
of 4.0_48,REV=2007. Is it possible that the problem
is fixed in newer releases of SRSS and/or SR Firmware?
Would I be in trouble if I use newer firmware with old software? ;)

While googling on this matter I found that Windows users with ATI
and NVidia cards have (or sometimes lack - leading to discussions)
the option to avoid stretching when using smaller video modes
(i.e. playing old games). It seems that the option may be effected
by the panel itself, by the video card or by the driver (using a native
big resolution and painting a smaller window in the middle of a
black area).

IF this can indeed be done by some standard command to the
LCD panel (i.e. over a DVI link), does SR2 or SRSS support it?
If not yet - please file a suggestion for an RFE ;)

Also please remind me what is the least intrusive way to enforce a
new resolution on a specific sunray DTU? So far I remove the setting
and add a new one with "utresadm", but for it to take effect I have to
use "utrestart -c", wait a few minutes, and power-cycle the DTU.
Breaking other users' sessions is uncool, so is there a better way? ;)

//Jim Klimov

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