[SunRay-Users] Fwd: [pca] SunRay (x86) patches don't show if not installed

Stuart F. Biggar Stuart.Biggar at optics.arizona.edu
Tue Mar 29 19:52:35 EEST 2011

SunRay gurus,

I'm in the process of attempting to bring up SunRay server on
a Sun x4150.  The machine is now running Solaris 10 Update
9.  I've been using a script called pca to do patching on SPARC
and x86 Solaris for years.  I used pca to update all the patches
on Solaris.  I then installed SunRay 5.1.  I then ran pca again to
see if there were patches for it.  (that works on an old SPARC
SunRay installation of 3.1).  pca didn't list any patches.  However,
I found out that there were patches but only by downloading
a 5.1.2 through MOS.  Funny that the current 5.1.2 SunRay
on x86 patches aren't listed in the patchdiag.xref that Oracle

For those not familiar with pca (for Solaris), see:


A very nice utility that Sun used to recommend.  I also found it to
work when various Sun provided patching tools didn't do a very
good job.

I'm not sure why Oracle doesn't offer SunRay patches through
the old way (6-2 patchid as below) as it makes it easier for
those of us who are part time sysadmins trying to keep systems
up-to-date (and paying for the support agreements to do so).

PCA will ask about a MOS user's support levels:

[x4150 : /export/x4150/patch : 2 ] ./pca --supplevel
Determining MOS Support Levels

SW: Existing Oracle software and Sun middleware
OS: Solaris patches and updates
PUB: Oracle Open Office/StarOffice and patch utilities
FMW: Firmware, drivers, bios, system controller software, ALOM/ILOM, diagnostics



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> From: Don O'Malley <don.omalley at oracle.com>
> Date: March 29, 2011 8:27:06 AM MST
> To: Martin Paul <martin at par.univie.ac.at>
> Cc: "PCA (Patch Check Advanced) Discussion" <pca at lists.univie.ac.at>
> Subject: Re: [pca] SunRay (x86) patches don't show if not installed
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> Hi Martin/All,
> Martin Paul wrote:
>> Stuart F. Biggar wrote: 
>>> I guess I could use some pointers or does PCA not work with SunRay due to the 
>>> way Oracle does patches for it?  It looks to me like the current cross 
>>> reference file doesn't have appropriate info for SunRay on x86 Solaris 10? 
>> That's new to me, but as Richard says - the current revisions of the Sun Ray Server Software patches are not listed in patchdiag.xref. This is valid for both SPARC and x86 (and Linux, so this is not an x86-only issue). 
>> The patchdiag.xref has revision 05 of 140993/140994/140995, while the latest revision for all these patches is 07, as listed on: 
>>   http://wiki.sun-rays.org/index.php/Latest_News 
>> The current patches for the Sun Ray Data Store (145212-02/145213-02/145214-02) are completely absent from patchdiag.xref. 
>> I have seen no notification of any change in the Sun Ray patch policy, and I see no technical reason why the patches shouldn't be available like all other patches, so I hope it's just an accident. Maybe Don can find out? 
> I don't know anything about patches 145212-02/145213-02/145214-02 or 140993-07/140994-07/140995-07.
> These patches have not been released through my team (or the standard Oracle release process for 6-2 format patches).
> This is the reason they are not in patchdiag.xref.
> In addition, any download from MOS for which the patch number is not given as a standard Sun 6-2 patchid does not go through my team and so does not end up in the patchdiag.xref file.
> It looks like patches 140993-07/140994-07/140995-07 were freshbitted into the latest release image and were never released as standalone patches through our process...
> HTH,
> -Don
>> Martin. 
> -- 
> Don O'Malley
> Manager,Patch System Test
> Revenue Product Engineering | Solaris | Hardware 
> East Point Business Park, Dublin 3, Ireland
> Phone: +353 1 8199764 
> Team Alias: rpe_patch_system_test_ww at oracle.com

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