[SunRay-Users] VDI 3.2.2 - grid lines, etc missing?

Mika A mika at kyamk.fi
Tue Mar 29 10:57:13 EEST 2011


On Thursday 17 February 2011 00:36:55 Ivar Janmaat wrote:
> Hello Craig,
> I had I think the same issue with SRS:
> My solution was inserting the uttsc options: -N off -U 0 -D
> For reference see: SR# 73793172

Is it possible to change these per pool or per token basis?

I think we have the same issue plus possibly something similar. 

First, I've got a couple of users complain about missing horizontal lines in 
some programs and "some buttons looking a bit strange". I've got a (bad'ish) 
photo of the missing lines if you want to see. These users use MS RDS pool 
with Win2003 server providing the desktop. We haven't seen/heard of this 
happening with out normal desktops which are Win7 accessed using VRDP.

So, since I'm not sure if adding those to some global command would hamper the 
performance of those normal desktops (90% of all), I'd rather fix it at a pool 
level if possible..

And the other thing, possibly somewhat related.. On Win7 desktops some users 
have reported "fuzzy areas" on screen when using IE as a browser. They don't 
appear if using Firefox. And from what I understand (haven't witnessed myself) 
they disappear if browser window is moved.  Any ideas on this?


PS. Am I the only one having a non-working SRSS Web management on Firefox 4? 
menus appear and I can search tokens/desktops etc. but there's nothing below 
those boxes.. 

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