[SunRay-Users] Upgrade of a misbehaving primary

Craig Bender Craig.Bender at Oracle.com
Thu Mar 24 23:02:12 EET 2011

Disregarding the upgrade question for now.

Is this the same system that seems to have been in the hands of several 
other people before handed over to you? Keep your answer to yourself for 
now, I'll ask again in a bit. :)

Trying to figure out how the scenario you describe is possible.  Are all 
your tests form from a specific DTU that you are trying this from and 
maybe that you have it hard coded to point at the primary?  If that 
weird scenario is yes, is the DTU that you are using that is hard coded 
to point at the primary a Token reader?  What does a long list of 
utdesktop spit back out this dtu.

Can you enable debug mode in kiosrc and send the output of the session 

Have you registered any tokens?  If so, what happens if you change that 
policy from default to kiosk?  If you haven't registered any tokens, an 
you register a token and force it's session

Is there any discrepancy between utpolicy output when ran on the primary 
than a secondary.

utreplica looks good on all the secondaries?  All point to the primary 
and vice versa?

utgstatus looks good?

If the DTU is not a token reader hard coded to point at the primary, I 
can't think any outside of a seriously fubar SRDS that I can't even 
begin to understand how that would happen.  All the secondaries have a 
copy of the primary.

The only scenario realistic scenario I can think of is if your primary 
isn't really the primary and is basically a stand-alone Sun Ray server 
set to the default policy.

Back to the upgrade question, if this is the same system and my prior 
advice of a clean start hasn't occurred then I'd say yes, uninstall. 
Fresh start.  It's kiosk.  It's a few scripts that you save off.  Even 
if you've registered tokens, that's simple too.  From a CAC standpoint, 
what's the fear there?  A possible IDR that you may not be aware of?

On 3/24/11 1:39 PM, Art Peck wrote:
>   I have a server group is 5 members. The 4 secondaries are performing
> fine for the most part. There's always the occasional hiccup. However,
> the primary, despite my best efforts, will not create my Kiosk session,
> assigning the user instead to a "Regular" session and Solaris login.
> Now. I'm planning the upgrade to SRS 5.1.2, or whatever is the most
> current when I actually get clearance to do the upgrade, and I'm
> wondering what the community thinks would be the best practice. Do I
> just let utinstall do the upgrade or do I run utinstall -u first? There
> is some risk with uninstalling since this is the primary but if I do all
> the secondaries first, I think it should be minimal risk. Of course I
> also have the issue of pcsclite and the CAC cards, if that complicates
> things.
> All opinions, RTFMs, etc appreciated.
> Art
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