[SunRay-Users] Upgrade of a misbehaving primary

Art Peck arthurpeck at aol.com
Thu Mar 24 22:39:51 EET 2011

 I have a server group is 5 members. The 4 secondaries are performing fine for the most part. There's always the occasional hiccup. However, the primary, despite my best efforts, will not create my Kiosk session, assigning the user instead to a "Regular" session and Solaris login. 

Now. I'm planning the upgrade to SRS 5.1.2, or whatever is the most current when I actually get clearance to do the upgrade, and I'm wondering what the community thinks would be the best practice. Do I just let utinstall do the upgrade or do I run utinstall -u first? There  is some risk with uninstalling since this is the primary but if I do all the secondaries first, I think it should be minimal risk. Of course I also have the issue of pcsclite and the CAC cards, if that complicates things.

All opinions, RTFMs, etc appreciated.



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