[SunRay-Users] .softwareupdate in Kiosk user's homedir

Craig Bender Craig.Bender at Oracle.com
Thu Mar 24 20:34:18 EET 2011

Do you recall that one of the changes from CAM to Kiosk was now that 
Kiosk would source the startup files?  If you think back to the days of 
CAM, this is a good thing.

What's creating this .softwareupdate directory in you kiosk users 
homedir is the Solaris software updater.  It tries to run for all 
sessions but exit if you are not root.

This process, the subdirectory and the files in /tmp are harmless.  If 
you don't want to see them, you can either delete 

Or you can edit that file and put an if they to detect for kiosk mode 
using kioskstatus -q.  The latter may get clobbered by patches most 
likely and the former means if you wanted to run the software updater, 
you'd just have to remember to kick it off by hand (and may also 
reappear with patches.

On 3/24/11 10:40 AM, Art Peck wrote:
>   Anyone know how or why the Kiosk user's homedir has the
> .softwareupdate directory created??
> This puts large numbers of *swup.trc files in /tmp and I think I'd like
> to not be doing that. RM'ing them seems to have no ill affect.
> Art
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