[SunRay-Users] SunRay Citrix ICA Client Video and Audio Performance

Craig Bender Craig.Bender at Oracle.com
Tue Mar 22 14:42:00 EET 2011

Hi Aaron,
Yes, feel free to contact me.

As of XD4 and XA6 (? - may have been 5) RDP is officially supported as a 
connection method.  In fact it's actually a configurable client 
fall-back method in the web interface.

In short, yes.  You can connect to XA or XD from Sun Rays, use the Sun 
Ray Windows components, and have a real user experience with Citrix. The 
user can also roam with that session to other devices that may allow for 
a better ICA experience with an ICA client that is more modern that what 
Citrix offers for Solaris.

As CJ notes, if you don't have that requirement of the other devices, or 
the back-end terminal server farm management and granular load balancing 
(really only make sense for publishing apps(, plain of WTS/RDS is hard 
to beat for the cost.

On 3/22/11 4:34 AM, Aaron Browne wrote:
> Hi,
> We are running the same way as CJ mentioned - XenApp with full desktop.
> Craig, should I still contact you directly?
> Are you able to run Sun Ray connector in parallel with XenApp or are
> they mutually exclusive? Does it basically depend on the type of client
> connecting e.g. Citrix Client (ICA) vs SunRay Connector (RDP)?
> Cheers,
> Aaron
> On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 1:37 AM, Craig Bender <Craig.Bender at oracle.com
> <mailto:Craig.Bender at oracle.com>> wrote:
>     H CJ,
>     SRWC started supporting USB-R with terminal server in SRS 5.1.  All
>     the versions of windows that SRWC supports, now supports USB-R.
>     http://wikis.sun.com/display/SRWC2dot3/About+USB+Device+Redirection
>     Note that USB-R under WTS is shared mode.  Due to the USB subsystem
>     of windows, all devices can be seen by all users on the server.
>     Does XA really have USB-R for WTS?  Pretty sure it is still ICA
>     mapping with a "plug and play" feature on the client that allows
>     devices to be connected post ICA-connection.  But these devices are
>     still limited to what ICA mapping supports. AFAIK, only XD has true
>     USB-R.
>     On 3/21/11 7:13 AM, CJ Keist wrote:
>           Aaron,
>         We used to use Citrix XenApp server to deliver whole Windows
>         desktop to
>         the Sun Rays. We dropped that last year in favor of Sun Ray
>         connector.
>         In our testing the Sun Ray connector performed better graphic and
>         multi-media wise. Plus it's a big saving not having to purchase all
>         those Citrix licenses. Now there are couple of big loses in dropping
>         Citrix. Cirtrix load balancing is better, but so far the
>         Microsoft load
>         balancing is working for us. Next big lose was USB redirection.
>         The Sun
>         Ray connect doesn't suport USB redirection in Window 2008 or up.
>         That is
>         of SRSS 4.2 which we are running. Maybe some can comment whether USB
>         redirection is working in the latest release of SRSS?
>         The other fact with Citrix, is that it has to run a whole bunch
>         of other
>         crap processes with takes away resources from each of your terminal
>         servers, and ultimately the number of users you can put on each
>         server.
>         With Sun Ray connector there are no other extra processes running on
>         your terminal servers.
>         On 3/20/11 6:07 AM, Aaron Browne wrote:
>             Hi,
>             We are running our SunRay 2 and SunRay 3 units in kiosk mode
>             which in
>             turn runs a Citrix ICA Client for our users.
>             I would like to know if anyone else is running in this type of
>             configuration and if they can share any experience regarding
>             video and
>             audio performance.
>             Also, I am unsure if the SunRay multimedia redirection works
>             with
>             Citrix or if it is exclusive to the RDP client?
>             ++
>             On our setup, video performance is limited to smaller resolution
>             videos and the audio can be choppy.
>             YouTube is reasonable sometimes and occasionally audio
>             doesn't work at
>             all.
>             I have found that Windows Media Player destroys audio
>             playback making
>             it crackly and annoying. Using a web Flash audio player
>             results in
>             quite a good audio experience.
>             Also, some tweaks to the ICA NumDataBuffers and
>             NumCommandBuffers
>             options resulted in smoother video and audio for our users.
>             Cheers,
>             Aaron
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