[SunRay-Users] SunRay Citrix ICA Client Video and Audio Performance

Craig Bender Craig.Bender at Oracle.com
Mon Mar 21 16:37:50 EET 2011

SRWC started supporting USB-R with terminal server in SRS 5.1.  All the 
versions of windows that SRWC supports, now supports USB-R.


Note that USB-R under WTS is shared mode.  Due to the USB subsystem of 
windows, all devices can be seen by all users on the server.

Does XA really have USB-R for WTS?  Pretty sure it is still ICA mapping 
with a "plug and play" feature on the client that allows devices to be 
connected post ICA-connection.  But these devices are still limited to 
what ICA mapping supports. AFAIK, only XD has true USB-R.

On 3/21/11 7:13 AM, CJ Keist wrote:
>   Aaron,
> We used to use Citrix XenApp server to deliver whole Windows desktop to
> the Sun Rays. We dropped that last year in favor of Sun Ray connector.
> In our testing the Sun Ray connector performed better graphic and
> multi-media wise. Plus it's a big saving not having to purchase all
> those Citrix licenses. Now there are couple of big loses in dropping
> Citrix. Cirtrix load balancing is better, but so far the Microsoft load
> balancing is working for us. Next big lose was USB redirection. The Sun
> Ray connect doesn't suport USB redirection in Window 2008 or up. That is
> of SRSS 4.2 which we are running. Maybe some can comment whether USB
> redirection is working in the latest release of SRSS?
> The other fact with Citrix, is that it has to run a whole bunch of other
> crap processes with takes away resources from each of your terminal
> servers, and ultimately the number of users you can put on each server.
> With Sun Ray connector there are no other extra processes running on
> your terminal servers.
> On 3/20/11 6:07 AM, Aaron Browne wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We are running our SunRay 2 and SunRay 3 units in kiosk mode which in
>> turn runs a Citrix ICA Client for our users.
>> I would like to know if anyone else is running in this type of
>> configuration and if they can share any experience regarding video and
>> audio performance.
>> Also, I am unsure if the SunRay multimedia redirection works with
>> Citrix or if it is exclusive to the RDP client?
>> ++
>> On our setup, video performance is limited to smaller resolution
>> videos and the audio can be choppy.
>> YouTube is reasonable sometimes and occasionally audio doesn't work at
>> all.
>> I have found that Windows Media Player destroys audio playback making
>> it crackly and annoying. Using a web Flash audio player results in
>> quite a good audio experience.
>> Also, some tweaks to the ICA NumDataBuffers and NumCommandBuffers
>> options resulted in smoother video and audio for our users.
>> Cheers,
>> Aaron
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