[SunRay-Users] Accessing Linux (TS-style) Desktops from a current VDI environment

Craig Bender Craig.Bender at Oracle.com
Fri Mar 18 18:51:40 EET 2011

Hi guys,

One everything you are talking about is totally doable, and supported.

How to do it out of the box is a different question.  And to some extent 
the documentation is lacking.  I've tried to address that in the kiosk 
SDK, but I am guessing that we could use some more examples.  So be sure 
to bookmark the site:


Note that the URL will be changing to an Oracle domain very soon, but 
I'll make sure everyone knows the new one when that happens.

There's very little that can't be done with a combination of Kiosk and, 
if need be, AMGH to route to other hosts or platform types.

The kiosk framework is so flexible and powerful, yet is presented as so 
simple that it appears locked into the way most people are accustomed to 
using it.

 From a support standpoint, the framework is 100% absolutely, positively 
supported.  The only thing we can't support is your actual custom script 
or 3rd party applications that script calls.  That's fair right? Because 
let's face it, some of us get pretty crazy (and I'm pointing a huge 
finger at myself) when writing scripts.  But I have taken the time to 
try to point out some best practices and pitfalls to avoid in the SDK.

Let's take Williams wish and an example.  Most would think that the 
ability to have both regular and kiosk session from the same policy 
(card or non-card) is not possible by looking at the admin gui.  Some 
who have investigated utkioskoverride would think it's possible, but not 
possible without administrator intervention.

So as kiosk user, how could one switch a token from that of kiosk 
session to that of regular session? Not the JDS kiosk session, I mean a 
full blown Solaris or Linux session.

Impossible right?  You'd have to call an administrator because both the 
admin gui and utkioskoverride require root. So impossible.

It's totally possible.  Let's say you had a Zenity app that asked users 
what they want to run.  They picked regular session.  This script dumped 
information about their token into a file (or a file that was just their 
token name) and then exited the session.

Possibly the most powerful feature in Kiosk Mode that is often 
overlooked and rarely understood KIOSK_SESSION_PRE and 
KIOSK_SESSION_POST capabilities.

These scripts execute *as root*.  So while your Zenity app runs as the 
kiosk user and they can't do an override, the KIOSK_SESSION_POST script 
can process the file that the kiosk user created it can run a kiosk 
override command as root.  When that session cycles you have a Regular 
session.  Same thing can be done, but with slightly different method for 
various kiosk session types as the alternate kiosk session 
configurations would have to exist.  But the end result and using the 
Kiosk pre and post features would be used in the same manner.  One could 
even have the kiosk post script, since it runs as root, create the 
alternate session configuration on the fly if it didn't exist, then do 
the kiosk override.

On 3/18/11 8:18 AM, Jonathan C. Bailey wrote:
> I've done that before (I have a token that gives me a JDS desktop), but not for general users.
> The configuration you mention would be much more useful if/when VDI is supported on Linux. I've tried, but I'm just not a huge Solaris on the desktop fan..
> -Jon
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> What I think would really be nice is if you could host native sessions and
> VDI VMs on the same physical host.  That seems to be the best way to
> distribute compute resources, instead of having VDI fire up a Linux VM for
> every DTU that wants a Linux session.  As far as I know though, that's an
> unsupported configuration which might or might not work by overriding
> specific VDI SRSS tokens to not use kiosk mode.
> William
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>> current VDI environment
>> That first link seems to be EXACTLY what I was looking for. It describes
>> what effect I want with our configuration.
>> My only question: Based on the article I read, I only need to add tokens I
>> want to redirect to the second server to the configuration file... I
>> assume this means that if I want it to be a normal VDI token, that I just
>> don't configure it? Also, will VDI users balance between all the available
>> hosts in their FOG with this set up?
>> -Jon
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>> Subject: Re: [SunRay-Users] Accessing Linux (TS-style) Desktops from a
>> current VDI environment
>> Jonathan,
>> You seem to be a candidate for AMGH. This would allow your Sun Ray with a
>> card to redirect to the VDI server and then return to the OEL server on
>> pull.
>> I have your setup in reverse, documented here, though over simplistic.
>> http://blogs.sun.com/danielc/entry/a_simple_regional_hotdesking_setup
>> There are other things you can do, but you start getting away from
>> supportability. Have a look at this for fun ;)
>> http://blogs.sun.com/danielc/entry/meta_kiosk_how_to_run
>> HTH,
>> Daniel.
>> On 19/03/2011 1:04 AM, Jonathan C. Bailey wrote:
>> Hello,
>> We're currently running both a VDI 3.2 environment (on Solaris x86) for
>> our VDI clients, and a plain SRSS 5.1 server on OEL 5 for kiosks/Linux
>> desktops. Currently, both of these systems are separate (different configs
>> served to the DTUs, etc). Also, we are using the normal GDM login and not
>> kiosk mode on the OEL 5/kiosk server.
>> I'm looking at a way to better integrate these systems so that a VDI user
>> can sit down at one of the plain kiosk terminals, insert their card, and
>> get their VDI desktop. I've been trying to think of a way to make this
>> happen, but can't come up with anything I like while keeping things
>> completely separate. OVDC doesn't seem to install on OEL5, SGD isn't an
>> option since not all VDI users have access and we use 2 factor auth for
> it.
>> I also can't figure out a way to get the normal VDI client (connecting to
>> the existing DB cluster) to run under Linux (I figured that would be a
>> long shot, but a nice solution if it worked).
>> Another possible solution would be a kiosk session definition on the VDI
>> side of things that would connect users to the OEL 5 server (all of the
>> DTUs would connect only to the VDI environment). The only thing with that
>> option is connectivity to the kiosk server - VNC, XDMCP, or something
> else?
>> Has anyone implemented something similar and could offer some insight on
>> this?
>> -Jon
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