[SunRay-Users] Accessing Linux (TS-style) Desktops from a current VDI environment

Guillaume Maillard guillaume.maillard at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 16:32:34 EET 2011


Look at jOpenRay :)
You can configure RDP sessions in few minutes...


2011/3/18 Jonathan C. Bailey <jbailey at co.marshall.ia.us>

> Hello,
> We're currently running both a VDI 3.2 environment (on Solaris x86) for our
> VDI clients, and a plain SRSS 5.1 server on OEL 5 for kiosks/Linux desktops.
> Currently, both of these systems are separate (different configs served to
> the DTUs, etc). Also, we are using the normal GDM login and not kiosk mode
> on the OEL 5/kiosk server.
> I'm looking at a way to better integrate these systems so that a VDI user
> can sit down at one of the plain kiosk terminals, insert their card, and get
> their VDI desktop. I've been trying to think of a way to make this happen,
> but can't come up with anything I like while keeping things completely
> separate. OVDC doesn't seem to install on OEL5, SGD isn't an option since
> not all VDI users have access and we use 2 factor auth for it. I also can't
> figure out a way to get the normal VDI client (connecting to the existing DB
> cluster) to run under Linux (I figured that would be a long shot, but a nice
> solution if it worked).
> Another possible solution would be a kiosk session definition on the VDI
> side of things that would connect users to the OEL 5 server (all of the DTUs
> would connect only to the VDI environment). The only thing with that option
> is connectivity to the kiosk server - VNC, XDMCP, or something else?
> Has anyone implemented something similar and could offer some insight on
> this?
> -Jon
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