[SunRay-Users] Full HD video ssh -X I don't understand

Meik Hellmund Meik.Hellmund at math.uni-leipzig.de
Thu Mar 17 19:54:22 EET 2011

On Thu, 17 Mar 2011 10:24:24 -0700
Wim Coekaerts <wim.coekaerts at oracle.com> wrote:

> it's preview of future stuff - the videos were definitely without vgl 
> and it was just an mpeg2 or h264 movie. I can't give you a specific
> time line but I can tell you that this is stuff we are actively
> working on to get into our products and is a preview of things to
> come.

> this actually is just oracle linux - nothing special

Does it need a SunRay3 client? How would it look like on
a SunRay2?


Meik Hellmund
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