[SunRay-Users] Full HD video ssh -X I don't understand

Wim Coekaerts wim.coekaerts at oracle.com
Thu Mar 17 19:24:24 EET 2011

> Is there coming a new SRSS release that has video improvements?
> With or without VirtualGL?
> What soundtechnology?

it's preview of future stuff - the videos were definitely without vgl 
and it was just an mpeg2 or h264 movie. I can't give you a specific time 
line but I can tell you that this is stuff we are actively working on to 
get into our products and is a preview of things to come.

> What kind of OS do I need to run to get this going?
this actually is just oracle linux - nothing special

| I'm today running my clients connected to a RHEL5-server, so all this 
VDI/Virtualtalk lately has been "over my head".

it's our goal to integrate this so that you don'thave to worry about it 
and you just get it when you play movies or do things out of the box :)

Since the team is aggressively working on enhancing our multimedia 
capabilities and I get to play with it in the early stages, I thought it 
would be fun to give previews of what is coming down the road in our 
products. Call it strategic direction.

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