[SunRay-Users] Full HD video ssh -X I don't understand

Alexander Koponen koponen at mittag-leffler.se
Thu Mar 17 13:51:11 EET 2011

On Mon, 14 Mar 2011, Wim Coekaerts wrote:

> just running mplayer on a remote server not just the local sunray server to 
> show that even that works pretty smoothly :)

Is there coming a new SRSS release that has video improvements?
With or without VirtualGL?
What soundtechnology?

What kind of OS do I need to run to get this going?
Can I have a fast machine (with nice GPU) and the clients connected to 
this will get the benefits?

I'm today running my clients connected to a RHEL5-server, so all this 
VDI/Virtualtalk lately has been "over my head".

  -- Alexander

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