[SunRay-Users] VDA licenses hurting VDI

Ceri Davies ceri at submonkey.net
Thu Mar 17 09:26:58 EET 2011

Thanks Craig, this is actually the best summary of the WVDA issues that
I've seen anywhere.


On Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 02:57:18PM -0700, Craig Bender wrote:
> All taken care of.
> I just talked to Larry Ellison (he as out sailing an still took my 
> call!) who gave me Bill Gates' cell phone.  Bill said if if you forward 
> this email out to 1000 people from a Windows 7 PC using Outlook, his 
> friends at Intel will track that you are a Windows 7 and Outlook user. 
> They will send you a free Windows VDA license, and also Free copy of 
> Office 2010 Professional for each of your friends that forward it on.  I 
> also read something about this in the USA TODAY, so it has to be true. 
> All part of some MS/AOL email beta test.
> OK, joking.  But seriously?  Please explain how is the hurting the Sun 
> Ray business case?  Why don't you hurt Microsoft and run Linux or 
> Solaris and publish Windows apps from a terminal server via SGD?
> To be clear:
> ANY Non-Windows 7 device needs a WVDA license (all Wyse, all HP, all 
> Igel, all Dell, All EVERYTHING)
> ALL Windows 7 device not covered by an enterprise Software Assurance 
> agreement has to pay for a WDA license.
> All non-corporate owned devices has to pay for a WVDA license.  That 
> includes the bosses iPad that the tech guy loaded the Desktop Receiver 
> to accesses their XenDesktop install on.
> This is true for Citrix XenDesktop, VMware View, nComputing, and even 
> Microsoft VDI.
> All of the above includes, is not limited to:
> -Non-corporate owned PCs (i.e. a Contractor's PC)
> -Devices that are do not run Windows 7
> -All non-windows based thin-clients
> -All Thin Clients running non-SA covered versions of MS Operating System
> i.e. WinCE or Embedded XP thin clients must purchase WVDA
> -Smart phones (iPhone, BlackBerry, etc)
> -Apple Products.  Macbook, iPad, iMac
> -Linux/Unix based desktops or laptop
> -PCs with OEM Windows 7 licenses that are 90 days past their purchase date.
> i.e. PCs bought in January can be upgraded to SA cover available through 
> March, but not in April
> Sure, you get some "roaming rights".  But only for non-corporate owned 
> devices that access the VDI infrastructure from *OUTSIDE* the corporate 
> network.  So that iPad you brought in on Weds?  WVDA required.  That 
> blackberry tablet the company owns?  WVDA required.
> BTW, you get the same roaming rights with a WVDA, so you can use your 
> home PC or Mac to access the VDI if you got WVDA for your corp purchased 
> Sun Ray.
> So if you don't want to pay for a MS VDA license you have three options:
> 1) Don't run Windows via VDI.  Use Ubuntu, it's great.
> 2) If you need Windows, use Terminal Services
> 3) Buy a PC with Windows 7 on it and run OVDC.  Upgrade to SA (if you 
> can) and then pay 27% of the OS cost a year for a 3 year minimum.
> Oh, you directed purchasing to buy Win 7 Ultimate for everyone?  Ouch.
> -Also, be prepared lose all the security, admin, and power savings of a 
> true thin client.
> -If buying a Windows 7 "cloud PC", please refer to the previous email 
> about the maintenance costs of the Sun Ray 3i being too high and be sure 
> to add on all the "extras" you will be charged to manage this "Cloud PC" 
> in the same manner as you would a Sun Ray.
> If you can't make the case for Sun Ray over a PC running Windows 7 to 
> access a VDI environment, then everyone who makes a non-windows 7 SA 
> capable device or software client for a non-windows 7 SA capable should 
> just get out of the business right now.
> On 3/16/11 2:03 PM, Ivar Janmaat wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > Is there any news on the VDA licenses from Microsoft?
> > The yearly $100 license is hurting the Sun ray business cases.
> > Is Oracle addressing this issue?
> >
> > Kind regards,
> >
> > Ivar
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