[SunRay-Users] VDA licenses hurting VDI

Craig Bender Craig.Bender at Oracle.com
Thu Mar 17 08:06:56 EET 2011

I'd like to apologize to anyone who though I was being condescending or 
arrogant.  That wasn't my agenda at all.

Ivar's business, like many of the people on this list, is selling Sun 
Rays and/or Oracle VDI.  I try to share what I know so that it may help 
those who face these same comments and objections from customers, or 
worse have to fight FUD from competitors.

For instance, you might be in a competitive situation against a thin 
client vendor selling a WinTPC device. As I mentioned before, the big 
claim MS makes is that devices that use this OS do not have to pay a 
WVDA license is required.  The competitor may bring up the fact that a 
Sun Ray requires WVDA, but they'll forget to mention that SA is required.

I see this happen all the time and I'm just doing my part educate. 
Think of this as free competitive marketing.

I don't dislike MS Operating systems.  I don't dislike MS.  And I 
definately don't dislike people who use their operating system.  I'd be 
a self-hating Windows user if that was the case.  ;)

On 3/16/11 10:02 PM, Craig Bender wrote:
> I'm not sneering.  And I don't believe I have anything to get over. The
> iPad question was a logical analogy the question present from Ivar, as
> well as yours.
> I would ask you exactly where do you think all of our features have been
> focused. Have you seen MMR, Flash, USB-R features for Solaris or Linux?
> The person you are pointing your finger at is the biggest cheerleader
> for Windows based access from Sun Rays in the entire universe.
> What I'm asking people to please think about what they are asking.
> I'm sorry I like to present facts, but that does not equate to sneering.
> The Sun Ray business, with or without WVDA is already a business case.
> That's what I'm trying to impart. $100 does not break the business, and
> is not that far from what you'd pay with Software Assurance.
> On 3/16/11 9:52 PM, David Bullock wrote:
>> On 17 March 2011 15:46, David Bullock wrote:
>>> Obviously, if Oracle *could* do anything to improve the
>>> Sun Ray business case versus fat-client tech, then obviously
>>> it'd be worthwhile.
>> ... and also, Oracle ought not sneer at people who want to access
>> virtualised Windows guests with their Sun Ray. You might detest that
>> use-case, but it's an important, main-stream use-case. Show us a bit
>> of love, please.
>> cheers,
>> David.
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