[SunRay-Users] VDA licenses hurting VDI

Craig Bender Craig.Bender at Oracle.com
Thu Mar 17 07:02:09 EET 2011

I'm not sneering.  And I don't believe I have anything to get over. The 
iPad question was a logical analogy the question present from Ivar, as 
well as yours.

I would ask you exactly where do you think all of our features have been 
focused.  Have you seen MMR, Flash, USB-R features for Solaris or Linux?

The person you are pointing your finger at is the biggest cheerleader 
for Windows based access from Sun Rays in the entire universe.

What I'm asking people to please think about what they are asking.

I'm sorry I like to present facts, but that does not equate to sneering.

The Sun Ray business, with or without WVDA is already a business case. 
That's what I'm trying to impart.  $100 does not break the business, and 
is not that far from what you'd pay with Software Assurance.

On 3/16/11 9:52 PM, David Bullock wrote:
> On 17 March 2011 15:46, David Bullock wrote:
>>   Obviously, if Oracle *could* do anything to improve the
>> Sun Ray business case versus fat-client tech, then obviously
>> it'd be worthwhile.
> ... and also, Oracle ought not sneer at people who want to access
> virtualised Windows guests with their Sun Ray.  You might detest that
> use-case, but it's an important, main-stream use-case.  Show us a bit
> of love, please.
> cheers,
> David.

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