[SunRay-Users] Symbol USB Barcode Scanner Resetting NUMLOCK

Nishimura, Scott L (IT Solutions) scott.nishimura at ngc.com
Wed Mar 16 01:26:51 EET 2011

One point of clarification:  is it that the NUMLOCK *function* is being disabled or merely that the NUMLOCK *LED* is being toggled?

The reason I ask this somewhat odd question is that I've noticed that the NUMLOCK LED behavior can get flipped [LED=on means NUMLOCK is off] under certain circumstances.


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I have read through all, at least that I have been able to find, references to issues people are experiencing with barcode scanners deactivating NUMLOCK when using non Type7 keyboards.  I have not been able to resolve the issue despite setting the scanner to HID Keyboard Emulation, North american Standard USB Keyoard etc.
Has anyone found a sure fire way to resolve this without having to procure Type7 keyboards?
Sunray Software = SRS 5.2 (4.2 / 2.3)
OS = OEL 5.5
Keyboards = PC, logitech
Thank you in advance,


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