[SunRay-Users] Full HD video ssh -X I don't understand

William Yang wyang at tjhsst.edu
Tue Mar 15 03:40:28 EET 2011

> That is native.  New stuff in the upcoming release.  Gotta love having
> an über-geek for a Senior Vice President.  ;)

Oh goodness.  That's quite possibly one of the most significant native
improvements I'll get to see!  Can't wait :D 

> BTW, a Sun Ray 1 was capable of this back in 1999.  Anyone remember the
> (Pixar?) video Paperclips turning into the Sun Bug?

Not familiar with that video.  I thought Sun Ray 1 could only do
640x480-ish at 30fps though, not a full 1080p (which of course, a Sun Ray 1
could only drive 1280x1024 anyways ;) )

William Yang

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