[SunRay-Users] pcscd too many open files

Craig Bender Craig.Bender at Oracle.com
Thu Mar 10 21:19:40 EET 2011

The fact that a daemon runs as root may not mean much in the context of 
the kiosk session and what needs to talk to that daemon.  I'm not 
entirely certain of this, but that's the overall point of per session 
type ulimits.  Since there are no ulimits by default, have you set some 
in the kiosk config?

On 3/10/11 10:42 AM, Art Peck wrote:
> I'm seeing lots of:
> pcscd[26379]: [ID 952149 user.error] [errno = 24 ] "Too many open files"
> on one of five SRS.
> SUNWpcsc version 1.3_01
> SUNWusb-scrdr version 1.3.10_03
> SUNWutr version 4.2_77,REV=2009.
> Anyone recognize this error message?? Since pcscd runs as root, doe it
> not inherit root's ulimit??
> Art
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