[SunRay-Users] SGD4.6 + VDI 3.2.2 + vRDP

Kim Mount kim.mount at cutterproject.co.uk
Fri Mar 4 09:52:35 EET 2011

Hi Patrick, 

We had the same issue with SGD 4.6, it was to do with the one time passwords for vRDP in 3.2.2. 

There's a hotfix available from support for SGD to fix it. 



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Hi All, 

I am wondering if anyone else is seeing this problem. 

I setup VDI 3.2.2, all looks good. Sun ray clients and softclient are able to connect to both RDP en vRDP pools. 

I also setup SGD4.6 in a zone on that machine, I am able to login and connect to a RDP pool just fine. 
When connecting to a vRDP pool through SGD a pop-up shows session-failed: failed to connect to host. 
ipf is disabled on the server. 

# pkginfo -l SUNWvbox 
NAME: Oracle VM VirtualBox 
CATEGORY: application 
ARCH: i386 
VERSION: 3.2.12,REV=2010. 
VENDOR: Oracle Corporation 
DESC: A powerful PC virtualization solution 
PSTAMP: vbox20101130154959_r68302 
INSTDATE: Feb 25 2011 10:32 
HOTLINE: Please contact your local service provider 
EMAIL: info at virtualbox.org 
STATUS: completely installed 
FILES: 402 installed pathnames 
9 linked files 
22 directories 
38 executables 
12 setuid/setgid executables 
423601 blocks used (approx) 

btw it seems not possible to 'add' new mapping to the dynamic application through the GUI. The Add button is greyed out, remove works fine. 



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