[SunRay-Users] Zenity in the _PRE script?

Art Peck arthurpeck at aol.com
Tue Mar 1 23:32:50 EET 2011

Thanks Craig!

Actually, I made a dumb configuration error. My script works fine as a KIOSK_SESSION_PRE. 

Here's my script:

#exec 2>/var/opt/SUNWut/log/setlocation.$DISPLAY.$$ 1>&2  # Debug
#set -x
logger -p user.debug -t setlocation.sh "setlocation.sh start"
# Sets the location field in the desktops tab
# if it is not set, otherwise silently exits.
# Run as KIOSK_SESSION_PRE so it runs as root
# since utdesktop requires root privs to update
# Get the display
myDISP=$(echo ${DISPLAY} | sed 's/.*:\([^.]*\).*/\1/')
# Get the MAC Address
myTERMID=$(sed -n 's/^TERMINAL_ID=.*\.//p' /tmp/SUNWut/config/dispinfo/$myDISP)
# Get the Location and OtherInfo fields
myLocation=$(/opt/SUNWut/sbin/utdesktop -p ${myTERMID} | sed -n 's/.*Location.*= //p')
myOtherInfo=$(/opt/SUNWut/sbin/utdesktop -p ${myTERMID} | sed -n 's/.*Other Info.*= //p')
# Now check to see what we need to do
if [ -z ${myLocation} ];
        while [ -z ${myLocation} ];
           myLocation=$(/usr/bin/zenity --entry --title="Update Location" --text="Enter your room number:" | sed 's/[^0-9]//g');
# Now update the directory
        /opt/SUNWut/sbin/utdesktop -e "${myTERMID}","${myLocation}","${myOtherInfo}"

If I enable the set -x log, I see errors from Xlib about not being able to 
access the display, but the script works. 


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