[SunRay-Users] For Mike A (VDI outage)

Mika A mika at kyamk.fi
Tue Mar 1 20:03:00 EET 2011

On Tue, 1 Mar 2011, Craig Bender wrote:

> Next message is a log throwing usage errors.  Did you change the kiosk args 
> in an attempt to fix the first issue?  I don't think the proxy would be 
> involved at all if the usage is wrong.

No, didn't change anything before that. First I was looking at 
/var/adm/messages and those uttsc exit errors were there. Then the O 
support pointed out there were uttsc usage errors in 
/var/opt/SUNWut/log/messages. I hadn't looked at that earlier at all.

Today I did experiment a bit with the Kiosk arguments but that didn't seem 
to have desired effect, but I need to test it some more in case I was too 

> Are you sure the dtu is stuck at 26d or can't get past it.  Meaning it's

Pretty sure, yes.. Because now it isn't cycling anymore. It was cycling 
but now it's stuck. And I have a SR open currently with the same problem, 
we had some DTUs getting stuck at 26D some time ago.. The only way out is 
to reset or power cycle the DTU.

> cycling.  This would be the case since you have most likely disabled auth and 
> disabled the chooser.  There's nothing ever to show if it can't start uttsc.

When it's cycling (after this upgrade) it stays a long time at 26D 
(a minute or so), then goes on to "connecting to VDI service"-screen (
don't know if that screen has a "name"), quickly (i.e. normally) goes 
forward (uttsc starting and trying to connect?) to black screen for a few 
seconds, back to vdi connect for a second, back to black screen for a 
couple of seconds and then recycle.

> Regarding the usage errors.  What does your arguments screen look like?  Can 
> you provide the output of /opt/SUNWut/sbin/utkiosk -e session

# utkiosk -e session


> It has to go:
> kiosk args -- uttsc args
> Was the -n mixed in with uttsc arguments?

Umm.. Not sure where to see this but I have these kind of uttsc processes 

utku216  19895  0.0  0.12132411132 ?        S 15:02:30  0:19 
/opt/SUNWuttsc/lib/uttsc-bin -u vda -N off -S 5 -P 62444 -i -l fi-FI -b -A 
32 -k sun(type6) -r soundin -r sound -r usb -m -x :103.0 sunvdi-vbox-04
utku216  19858  0.0  0.0 1428  964 ?        S 15:02:30  0:00 /bin/sh 
/etc/opt/SUNWkio/sessions/vda/vda-uttsc -u vda -N off -S 5 -P 62444 -i -l 
fi-FI -b -A 32 -k sun(type6) -r soundin:off -r sound:high -r usb:on -m -x 
:103.0 sunvdi-vbox-04
utku216  19872  0.0  0.0 1432  508 ?        S 15:02:30  0:00 /bin/sh 
/etc/opt/SUNWkio/sessions/vda/vda-uttsc -u vda -N off -S 5 -P 62444 -i -l 
fi-FI -b -A 32 -k sun(type6) -r soundin:off -r sound:high -r usb:on -m -x 
:103.0 sunvdi-vbox-04
utku216  19873  0.0  0.0 1532 1032 ?        S 15:02:30  0:00 /bin/ksh 
/bin/ksh /opt/SUNWuttsc/bin/uttsc -u vda -N off -S 5 -P 62444 -i -l fi-FI 
-b -A 32 -k sun(type6) -r soundin:off -r sound:high -r usb:on -m -x :103.0 
utku216  19896  0.0  0.0 7916 2032 ?        S 15:02:30  0:00 
utku216  28438  0.0  0.0 1976  968 ?        S 13:44:43  0:00 
/etc/opt/SUNWkio/sessions/vda/vda -- -r usb:on -E wallpaper -E theming

Compared to what we had before (in 3.2) the "-x" display option is new.

I got email from support and they suggested I change the kiosk arguments 
to "-n --" in case parsing has changed and "-n" alone wasn't passed to 
desktop selector. Doing that I now have processes like this:

utku175  24379  0.0  0.0 1976  968 ?        S 19:53:48  0:00 
/etc/opt/SUNWkio/sessions/vda/vda -n -- -r usb:on -E wallpaper -E theming

But I'm not at work anymore so I don't see if that had the desired effect 
but at least I don't see uttsc usage errors anymore.. Something surely 
happened as load on the broker jumped sky-high again:

root at sunvdi-broker-02 # uptime
   8:00pm  up 12:53,  143 users,  load average: 47.49, 36.06, 18.41

> The other problem could be that you didn't disable client auth, which is 
> required for the -n option.
> http://wikis.sun.com/display/VDI3dot2/How+to+Disable+Client+Authentication

Checked and yes, it is still disabled.


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