[SunRay-Users] SRSS pricing?

Ivar Janmaat ijanmaat at xs4all.nl
Tue Mar 1 10:24:39 EET 2011

Hello Craig,

I did not know the Sun Ray was developed before the JavaStation.
We implemented about 120 Java stations in schools in 1997.
But the Java station was much like the current Thin Clients. You needed 
to add more memory and cpu power to keep up with the evolving Java VM.
So we replaced them all with Sun Rays in 1998/1999. I think it was the 
first batch delivered in Europe.
 From that time on it was much better. No local hardware upgrades anymore.

In the early days we had solaris with fvwm and later icewm as windows 
managers on indestructible E250 Enterprice systems.
Windows 98 applications were serviced with Citrix and later Win4lin 
(currently Virtual Bridges).
Users were most of the time using the icewm desktop with thunderbird, 
openoffice (since there was no Dutch staroffice) and firefox.
Now we are running Oracle VDI with Windows.
Some of the non technical users still ask me if we can move back to the 
Solaris desktop with icewm since it was so fast and stable.
 From a technical point of view I would love to since it uses a lot less 
resources than VDI.

But some things are holding me back.
There was a project called APOC for managing desktops. I thought it 
would be helpfull for the Sun Ray but developement has stopped.
Then there are the internet issues with silverstream and other OS 
dependend plugins.
Like with Thin Clients. Microsoft is frustrating the Web promise (OS 
independent content delivery).
It still belief there is  a market for a Solaris 11 desktop on Sun Rays.
The VDI guys are pushing Linux in VM but from a resource point of view 
it makes much more sense to work directly on the Sun Ray server.

But see how hard it is!!!!
Now I am describing a solution from a technical point of view and I know 
Oracle should focus on the SAAS/PAAS providers from a Sales point of view.
It is hard to choose.


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