[SunRay-Users] SRSS pricing?

William Yang wyang at tjhsst.edu
Tue Mar 1 07:02:29 EET 2011

>    What local customizations, anything "general" and appropriate for
> sharing with the group?

About a million and one things that have accumulated over the years (but are
managed in a way that should I need to, I can figure out exactly what I've
changed and can instantly apply these changes to a fresh S10 build).  But
basically a lot of them are just usability things that are taken for granted
on Linux but not on Solaris by default, like a nicer default bash prompt,
recompiled bash binary that sources bash.bashrc for non-login shells, adding
a whole bunch of apps that don't ship with S10 (vim, screen, sudo, ncurses,
newer xscreensaver that works with our PAM stack changes, Firefox before it
was added to S10 officially, installing OO3 now that StarOffice is no longer
included, setting the default file save type to Microsoft formats,
additional window managers, replacing the print system with CUPS and writing
a follow-me-printing-type script that works with CUPS, etc), disabling JDS
logout fade and drag window contents, installing a modified usbdrived,
changing environment variables to be more inclusive of useful paths, changes
to get home/end/pgup/pgdn keys to work on the shell, etc.  We also use
Kerberos (2 realms, 1 being AD) and OpenAFS, so a thorough customization of
PAM and decision to use a modified version of Russ Allbery's pam_krb5 was
also involved.  S11 should enable us to remove a significant number of these
"customizations" and allow us to stick closer to a stock install and
packages provided by Oracle.  If there is a specific Solaris usability issue
you've hit, feel free to ask me and there's a good chance I've tried to
address it one way or another.  I've reached the point where a stock S10
system is uncomfortable for me to use if I have to be on the CLI :o

Not sure if all that was general and appropriate for sharing :)

Oh, more recently, we overrode Oracle's new branding changes because we
liked the old Sun art better.

By the way, for a lot of the changes we've made, I've tried filing SRs with
Sun and since most of them were considered RFEs, they were entered into the
system but basically could not be worked on unless someone decided to
sponsor them.  I figure Oracle or any support organization works similarly,
in that RFEs aren't covered under support since support is for bugs.  Not
saying it's unreasonable, but it can be frustrating sometimes.

> > One person even told me she was thinking about getting one for
> > home before I explained a bit more about why that might not quite work.
>    Hmm?  Sun Rays, or Sun computers in general?  I've been running Sun
> Rays at home since 2001, and Sun computers at home since the Sun-2 days.
> (meaning the Motorola 68010-based Sun-2/120 and Sun-2/170, not
> SPARCstation-2!)  This isn't at all unusual; I have lots of friends and
> colleagues doing both.

Sun Rays.  But this was a completely non-technical person that had no
understanding of UNIX beyond being cool and usable that said that (and in
case it wasn't clear, this is a high school).  In fact, in my experience,
the less technical the person, the more they liked the Sun Ray.  Our CS
students tended to have the most nits to pick because xyz niche-y feature
was missing or abc dev library wasn't installed or up to the newest

William Yang

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