[SunRay-Users] SRSS pricing?

Craig Bender Craig.Bender at oracle.com
Tue Mar 1 04:17:07 EET 2011

Sun did a lot of things wrong.  Far more than you know.  You could 
actually make a movie, at a least a very interesting book about how the 
Sun Ray came to be.  It would put the Facebook movie to shame.

While Sun was busy sucking the life out Larry Ellisons 1995 NC concept 
by trying to make Java an operating system, the smart folks at Sun Labs 
saw the disconnect between the NC vision and the device Sun was trying 
to build.  They started secretly building their version of Larry's vision.

Did you know Sun Ray was prototyped and working before the first public 
JavaStation shipped?  And some of the people that did it are *still* 
with the product?

Did you know the first patent with the words "Virtual Desktop 
Architecture" in it is owned by Sun/Oracle as a result of the Sun Ray? 
I guess that concept was just too far out there.  So the marketing 
message was "Dot.Com Your Workgroup".  WTH does that mean?

Sun was still trying to make the JavaStation work even after the Sun Ray 
release.  Pretty confusing for everyone, including the press. Here's 
Forbes.com leak a month before the release.  Note the mention of a Java 
OS.  Note how they spelled out DHCP. 

My belief is Java is why the JavaStation failed.  3 years late.  Full of 
bad press. Yet Sun would never bad mouth it or take blame for the NC 
vision dying.  Why?  Java.  A technology that made other people 
billions, but Sun could never monetize.

Do you like Open Office?  Thank Sun Ray.  StarDivision was bought for 
exclusively for the Sun Ray.  Although the popular story that it was 
bought because McNealy refused to buy everyone a copy of MS Office. 
McNealy did make a huge mistake though, in his war with Redmond he made 
it free for every device.  Kind of loses the carrot effect that had been 
planned for it.

Too many egos and mixed messages resulted in Sun not knowing what they 
had.  There were internal wars.  Schwartz hated it because he wanted to 
talk about attracting developers and the press wanted to ask him about 
Sun Rays.

Sun even tried to steal a page out of Apple's 1980 playbook by seeding 
schools with Sun Rays.  A 1980's kid had most likely never seen a 
computer. Pac-Man wasn't even out until 1980.  The Apple could have been 
complete crap and it still would have succeeded.  A 1999 kid had Windows 
95, 98, ME, and XP beta.  They had Nintendo 64, Sony Playstation, Sega 
Dreamcast.  To think that you'd gain mind share and adoption from these 
kids by sitting them down in front of Solaris 7 and CDE is as likely as 
the orginial Star Trek (special effects and all) warmly received 20 
years after Star Wars was released.

And there's a lot more.  Told you it was interesting.  It's still the 
best idea Sun ever had.

On 2/28/11 5:00 PM, Ivar Janmaat wrote:
> Hello Craig,
> I really agree with yours statement below.
> Craig Bender schreef:
>> These companies think they can be the next Dell, the Cloud Dell so to
>> speak. However their model is the very thing that is actually holding
>> the thin client market back from really gaining "mind share". Dell
>> knows exactly what a cloud PC is and they can do it cheaper than these
>> companies.
> However Sun also did not market the Sun Ray very well.
> They basically fell into this trap because of the way they sold it.
> If we compare the Sun Ray with a coach/touringcar again.
> And a PC / Thin client with a car.
> Then I would say that the Sun Ray sales people were selling the coaches
> through car dealers.
> Somehow they thought that the customers of car dealers would buy coaches.
> My experience was that a lot of coaches came back because they were to
> hard to drive for someone with only a car drivers license.
> So car dealers did not like to sell the coaches anymore.
> On the other hand you had the Sun Sales people who were selling the
> ticket systems at Greyhound and other large touringcar operators.
> But they were not payed to sell Sun Rays and they heard about what
> happened at the car dealers so they stayed far away from the Sun Ray.
> In my opinion they should have been the drivers of the Sun Ray sales.
> If Sun would have focussed on the Touringcar operators, I am convinced
> it would have been another ballgame.
> But I think nothing is lost yet. The current touringcar operators are
> the Saas providers. And there can still be a lot to gain.
> Since I believe the Sun ray is the only solution which can handle the
> requirements of a SAAS provider easily.
> This would also mean that ICA, PCOIP and other protocols available at
> SAAS providers should be on the SRSS roadmap. ;-)
> Kind regards,
> Ivar
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