[SunRay-Users] Ctrl-alt backspace issue

Carl Holzhauer cholzhauer at sscorp.com
Wed Mar 31 16:01:51 EEST 2010

Where would I specify the -D option?

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It sounds like you may be using RHA (remote hotdesk authentication) at the location that doesn't work.  RHA is a pseudo-session that protects the security of the actual session, so you are terminating the pseudo-session but SRSS relaunches it after you terminate it since the real session associated with the DTU is still possessed by the same user.  I think RHA was introduced with SRSS 4.2.  The RHA login dialog looks similar to the login dialogs used with Solaris 9 and older.  The -D option to utpolicy allows you to disable RHA.  Without RHA, you rely purely on the ability of the screensaver to protect the session.

William Yang

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Subject: [SunRay-Users] Ctrl-alt backspace issue

We have two locations for our business.  At our main location, a user can use ctrl-alt-backspace to boot a user that forgot to log out.

In our other location, this doesn't work.  The screen flashes like it's going to boot the user, but the user remains logged in.

I'm looking for some ideas as to what settings I can look into.


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