[SunRay-Users] Wandering mouse arrows

Andreas v. Heydwolff listmail at sandpsych.at
Sat Mar 27 21:39:59 EET 2010

The setup: Sunray2 DTUs, SRSS 4.2 final but unpatched on Debian Squeeze,
 and since three weeks new Type 7 keyboards, Sun FID-638 mice. The mice
are plugged into a keyboard USB connector, the keyboard is plugged into
a powered USB hub, the hub is attached to the DTU.

Two days ago all of a sudden my mouse arrow began to wander, not far but
randomly and far and fast enough around its intended location, maybe two
or three arrowlengths maximum, to make clicking a smaller target area
impossible at times, occasionally this behavior would pause for 10 or 20
seconds, or the extent of the movements went back to micro movements
over a distance of just a few pixels.

This happened on both of my SOHO DTU workplaces but my secretary did not
report the strange mouse behavior in first place because she experienced
it only ever so slightly and found it just an almost cosmetic annoyance,
but for me it was an intermittent showstopper.

Unplugging the mouse left the arrow wandering on the screen. Powering
the DTU off and on did not help. A reboot of the server and using the
previously used Benq cheapo USB mouse, daringly plugged into the
keyboard connector instead of the hub as before the arrival of the Type
7 keyboards, solved the problem for now.

Does anyone have an idea what happened there? Was this due to an
incompatibility of the powered USB hub with the Sun mice? Or are both
mice from a bad batch? But why does the DTU and/or server software keep
up the strange behavior even when the mouse has been pulled out? I'd
actually like to use the Sun mice again.


Andreas Heydwolff

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